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Parallel Inductors Calculator

Inductance of Parallel Connected Inductors Calculator

Formula & Equations for Parallel Inductors Calculator

Finding Total Inductance (LT) when L1 and L2 are given;

1/LT = 1/L1 + 1/L2

LT = L1||L2

LT = L1 x L/ (L1 + L2)

Finding L1 when LT and L2 are given;

L1 = L2 × LT / (L2 – LT)

Finding L2 when LT and L1 are given;

L2 = L× R/ (L1 – LT)

Parallel Inductors Calculator

Parallel Inductors Calculator

Enter any two values (inductance of inductors) and Select Unit then Click on Calculate. Result will display the required Value.

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Inductor L1:
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