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Main Difference between contactor and Starter.

Main Difference between contactor and Starter

The magnetic starter is very similar to the magnetic contactor in design and operation. Both have the feature of operating contacts when the coil is energized. The important difference between contactors and starters is the use of overload heater element in the starter. (For protect the motor from over heating or over load protection)Main Difference between contactor and Starter

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  1. Elumalai Sekar

    i have one equipment, specification are given below <br /><br />DC motor(load side)<br />24volt<br />180Amps<br /><br />this motor was connected with 900AH battery with help of contactor and controller then we are operated,at one stage battery will get discharge (very low voltage) again try to operate then motor was running but after some time controller output terminal get damaged if possible

  2. tarakpatowary

    good.i can learn.

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