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Maximum Flux Density (Bmax) Calculator. (Formulas & Equations)

Maximum Flux Density Calculator

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Enter the required values and click on calculate. Result will display the value of Maximum Flux Density “Bmax” in “Tesla” And ” Gauss” .

Enter values

AC Parameters
RMS Voltage:       Vrms
Frequency ( f ):      MHz
Number of Turns:             
Cross Section area of Core:       cm2
DC Parameters (Optional)
DC Current (I): Amperes
Specific To Core Used:      mH/Turns2
Maximum Flux Density CalculatorMaximum Flux Density (Bmax) Calculator. (Formulas & Equations)  
Maximum Flux Density(Bmax):     Tesla
Maximum Flux Density(Bmax):     Gauss

Good to Know:

In Transformer,
Bmax = V / (4.44 f N A) …… in Tesla
Bmax = (V x 108)/ (4.44 f N A) …… in Guass
Bmax = Maximum Flux Density
V = Applied rms Voltage
f = frequency
N = turns on the winding] where V is the applied voltage
A = Magnetic circuit cross-sectional-area enclosed by the winding (m2)

Flux Density Formulas and Equations
Bmax = Bmax [AC] + Bmax [DC]
Bmax [DC] =  (LxIdc x 108)/(NAc)
Bmax = (Vrms x108)/(4.44xFxNxAc) + (L x Idc x 108)/(N x Ac) Gauss
Note: if no DC current flows, then the second term of the equation is dropped. 
In terms of AL(uH/100T2):
L= N2AL(uH/100T2)10-4
Bmax(DC)=  (N x AL(uH/100T2)104x Idc)/(Ac)

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  1. Sunil Thakkar

    Dear Mr. Wasim Khan,

    I was trying to use your free tool for Bmax in transformer.
    Tool is very good. I would like to know the DC flux density calculation terminotlogy in detail.
    Bmax(DC)= (N x AL(uH/100T2)104x Idc)/(Ac)

    What is AL, uH, T ? Ac i understand as Area of core in sq. meter and N is no. of Turns.

    Also what is to be entered in Tool mH/Turns^2 ?.


    Voltage : 37000 V
    Frequency: 50Hz
    No. of Turns: 103 T
    Area: 12944 sq. cm

    Dc current: 30 A
    What will be the inputs for tools and what will be the DC flux density ? AC flux density i calcualted as 1.25 Tesla.

    Waiting for your valuable inputs.

    Sunil Thakkar

  2. bhanu lamichhane

    Dear Mr. Wasim Khan
    i need your help in calculating the flux density of 23moh core for 25 kva transformer

    core loss 70 watt
    l.t size 2.5*6.5
    l.t turns=100
    h.t size SWG 22
    H.T TURNS =5001

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