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Two Speeds, Two Directions Multispeed 3-phase Motor Power & Control Diagrams

2 Speeds, 2 Directions Multispeed 3-phase Motor Power & Control Diagrams

O/L = Over Load Relay
NO = Normally Open
NC = Normally Close
Low = Low Speed
High = High Seed
FOR = Forward
REV = Reverse

Two Speeds, Two Directions Multispeed 3-phase Motor Power Diagram

Power Diagram:
Two Speeds, Two Directions 3-phase Motor Power Diagram

Two Speeds, Two Directions Tapped wound, Multispeed 3-phase Motor Control Diagram

Control Diagram:
 Two Speeds, Two Directions Tapped wound, 3-phase Motor Control Diagram
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  1. very nice & educative

  2. mthunzi mngometulu says:

    I want an online supervisor. I want to do a project on control circuits

  3. hi dears
    i didn’t understand , there is 4 double push-button in control diagram , but in control box there is only 2 push button that i don’t know about inside circuit of it , please help me!

  4. So have a question.
    I wired a 2 speed 3 phase motor with a rotary cam 6 stage switch. So this allows for forward and reverse with low and high speed. Now the problem I have is that if you select forward low speed the motor runs in the correct direction but when I select forward high speed the motor runs with the higher speed but in reverse.
    Tried switching phases but on the supply and between the motor windings but low and high speed always turns the opposite direction.

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