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REV / FOR Three-Phase Motor Connection Power and Control diagrams

Three Phase Motor Connection Reverse and Forward Power and Control wiring diagrams
(Two Direction one speed)

O/L = Over Load Relay
NO = Normally Open
NC = Normally Close

REV = Reverse 
FOR = Forward

REV / FOR Three-Phase Motor Connection Power & Control Diagram

REV / FOR Three-Phase Motor Connection  Power diagram
Power Diagram:REV / FOR Three-Phase Motor Connection Power and Control diagrams 

REV / FOR Three-Phase Motor Connection  Control diagram
 Control Diagram: REV / FOR Three-Phase Motor controlCheck more diagrams like these here: Three Phase Motor & Control Installation wiring diagrams

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  3. Masood Mahmood says:

    There is problem in Control drawing because when motor runs Forward or reverse then we can not change its state to forward or reverse by its push button. the supply can not the the other conductor because NC and NO both are open. Can you explain it

  4. farooq naeem says:

    forwed reverse power diagram mey phase change ne keya ap ney

    1. farooq naeem says:

      sorry mey samj ne saky change hay phase

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  6. john henry santos says:

    This electrical diagram you post is not your designed it is existing and done already. Drawn by i believe .

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