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Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer

Automatic Star Delta Starter with Timer for 3-Phase Motor

The Star-Delta (Y-Δ) 3-phase Motor Starting Method by Automatic star-delta starter with Timer.

Abbreviations: ( FOR Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer)

R , Y, B = Red, Yellow, Blue ( 3 Phase Lines)

C.B = General Circuit Breaker

Main = Main Supply

Y = Star

Δ = Delta

1a = Timer

C1, C2, C3 = Contatcors (For Power & Control Diagram)

O/L = Over Load Relay

NO = Normally Open

NC = Normally Closed

K1 = Contactor (Contactor coil)

K1/NO = Contactor Holding Coil (Normally Open)

Automatic Star Delta Starter with Timer Wiring & Installation Diagram

Automatic Star Delta Starter with Timer Wiring Diagram

Explanation of the above Star Delta Automatic Starter with Timer Wiring Installation:

From the left you have the Main Contactor with the Pneumatic Timer because your Main Contactor is always energized, in the Middle you have the Delta Contactor with a Thermal Overload for Motor Protection in case the Motor exceeds the Amp rating set on the Thermal Overload, on the right you have the Star Contactor which is the first Contactor to be energized with the Main Contactor then when the Timer reaches its Time limit the Star Contactor de-energizes and the Delta Contactor energizes and the Motor is running at full load.

Operation and Working Principle of Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer:

From L1 The phase current flows to thermal overload contact through Fuse, then OFF Push button, On Push button Interlocking Contact 2, and then C3. This way, the circuit is completed, as a result;

  1. Contactor coil C3 and Timer coil (I1) is energized at once and the motor winding then connected in Star. When C3 is energized, its auxiliary open links will be closed and vice versa (i.e. close links would be open). Thus C1 Contactor is also energized and Three Phase Supply will reach to the motor. Since winding is connected in Star, hence each phase will get √3 times less than the line voltage i.e. 230V. Hence Motor starts safely.
  2. The close contact of C3 in the Delta line opens because of which there would be no chance of activation of contactor 2 (C2) .
  3. After leaving the push button, Timer coil and coil 3 will receive a supply through Timer contact (Ia) , Holding contact 3 and the close contact 2 of C2.
  4. When Contactor 1 (C1) is energized, then the two open contact in the line of C1 and C2 will be closed.
  5. For the specific time (generally 5-10 seconds) in which the motor will be connected in star, after that the Timer contact (Ia) will be open (We may change by rotating the timer knob to adjust the time again) and as a result; 

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  • Contactor 3 (C3) will be off, because of which the open link of C3 will be close (which is in the line of C2) thus C2 will also energize. Similarly, When C3 off, then star connection of winding will also open. And C2 will be closed. Therefore, the motor winding will be connected in Delta. In addition, Contact 2 (which is in the line C3) will open, by which, there would not be any chance of activation of coil 3 (C3)
  • Since the motor is connected in Delta now, therefore, each phase of the motor will receive full line voltage (400V) and the motor will start to run in full motion. 

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Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer Power Circuit Diagram:

Click image to enlargeStar Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer Power Circuit Diagram:

Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer Control Circuit Diagram:

Click image to enlargeStar Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer Control Circuit Diagram:

Advantages of Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer
  • Simple Design and Operation
  • Comparatively cheaper than other voltage controlling methods
  • Torque and Current performance of the Star delta starter is well.
  • It draws two times starting current of the FLA (Full Load Ampere) of the connected motor.
  • It reduced the starting current to one-third (approximately) as compared to DOL (Direct ON Line Starter) 

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Disadvantages of Star Delta 3-phase Motor Automatic starter with Timer
  • Starting Torque is also reduce to one-third because starter reduce the starting current to one-third of the rated current [as Line voltage also reduced to 57% (1/√3)]
  • It required Six leads or terminals Motor (Delta Connected)
  • For Delta connection, the supply voltage must be same as the rated motor voltage.
  • At switching time (From Star to Delta), if the motor does not reach at least 90% of its rated speed, then the current peak may be equally high as in Direct ON Line starter( D.O.L), thus it may cause harmful effects on the contactors contacts, so it would not be reliable.
  • We may not use star delta starter if the required (application or load) torque is more than 50% of the three phase induction motors rated torque

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  4. It&#39;s very inportant circuit for industrial aria

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    • Wiring connection reference will be near the terminal box of motor or the terminal box cover. This circuit is concept of star start delta run motors. Main supply will be connected to U1, V1, W1 and the configuration of star or delta will be based on the active contactor. Timer is to delay the turning off of the star contactor and delaying the turning on of the delta contactor. But what if the voltage of start is different from the run voltage?

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