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How to Wire Solar Panel to 12V DC Load and Battery?

Wiring PV Panel to Charge Controller, 12V Battery & 12VDC Load

In this simple solar panel wiring tutorial, we will show how to connect a solar panel to the solar charge controller, battery and direct DC load according to the rating. Keep in mind that AC load is not connected in this PV panel wiring tutorial which needs extra equipment such as UPS and inverter to convert the solar panel and battery (DC) power into AC power.

This small scale DC solar power system needs three basic components of solar panel installation system i.e. a 12V, 120W Panel, 12V 100Ah battery, a 12VDC solar charge controller and DC load (like fans and light etc).

As we have only single units of solar panel and battery etc. This way, we don’t need to connect them in series, parallel or combo of series-parallel connection. We will directly connect them to the charge controller, battery and DC loads.

The following solar panel wiring diagram shows that a 12V, 120W PV panel is connected to the solar charge controller (Panel Negative terminal of panel to the negative terminal of MPPT charge controller and vice versa for positive terminal.

How to Wire Solar Panel to 12V DC System - Wiring PV Panel to Charge Controller, 12V Battery & 12VDC Load

The battery is connected to the battery terminals of the charge controller (same like PV panel wiring i.e. positive terminal of battery is connected to the positive terminal of charge controller and vice versa for negative terminals).

The DC load (light & fan etc) is directly connected to the charge controller and can be fed up by two power sources. The direct load can be directly powered up through solar power and a charge controller during the sunshine/day time and during the shading/night, the DC load can be powered up using the battery stored energy as backup power.

The solar panel will also charge the battery but the charging time of the battery depends on the solar panel wattage, sunshine and ON/OF condition of direct load.

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  1. your customers are able to enjoy the shade provided by the panels (and Second, you still enjoy solar power generation, without sacrificing usable space.

    1. Alfred Martinez says:

      What do you mean? Shade provided by panels? Show me your design please.

  2. Abdulrahman Sani says:

    A good idea… Thanks for clear drawing and explanation.

  3. how do i add solar panels to an existing one i have 5 panels and want to add additional 4 panels

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