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How To Wire lights in Parallel?

How To Wire lights in Parallel?

Parallel wiring for Lighting Circuits
How To Wire Lights in Parallel?
To Wire Lamps in Parallel?

These all lamps are connected in Parallel. Each lamp or Bulb is connected between Line L (also known as phase) and Neutral N.
In this circuit,adding or removing one lamp has no effect on the others lamps because the Voltage in parallel circuit is same but the current is different. Any number of lamps can be added in this kind of circuit, simply by extending the L and N conductors to other lamps.

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How To Wire lights in Parallel?
How To Wire lights in Parallel?

Advantages of this circuit:

  • In case of break in the cable or removal of any lamp will not break the all circuits, in other words, other lights/lamps will still work and glow.
  • As more lamps are added, they will all be reduced in brightness. Because voltages is shared or divided in a series circuit.


  •  More size of cable wire is used in parallel lighting circuit wiring.

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