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How To Wire Switches In Series?

How To Wire Switches In Series. ( basic home electrical wiring diagrams)
i)  2 Switches
ii) 1 Lamp (Bulb)
iii) 4 pieces of cables
Connect these all things as shown in figure below.
If you have any question, Please comment below.

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  1. i want to ask one question why we used heer two spst siwthes it can be made with one single spst

  2. Hello ET here Why u using 2 switches SPST switch and 2 switches in (figure 1)

  3. Its a two way switch ..<br /><br />Means that one light is being control from two swtiches <br /><br />( Stair case , from below turn it On from switch one , and when go up , turn it off from switch 2 )

    • This would be a crappy way of doing it. Once you turn it off at one switch, the only way to turn it back on is from that same switch. You might as well just have one switch to eliminate having to remember which switch turned it off

  4. ya I agree with chad.It&#39;s good for nothing to connect two switches in series

  5. How it will work, mean to say that in first both the switches will of then when we on switch one from below stairs then how we can off the lamp by switch 2 which is already in off position?

  6. way we use two switches in series sircuit….????

  7. 1 lamp 10 switch control &

  8. the point of two spst switches in series is that first one acts as a “master switch” so you can cut the power without turning off the breaker. You are then free to use the second switch for normal operation.


  10. I need a circuit diagram of a PFC using a dual boost converter

  11. Please define about SPST(single pole single through)

  12. eletrical map see

  13. Very useful website

  14. In series the lamp shall be made ON only if all the switches are ON position… In such case a all the floor switches has to be made ON. Then only the lamp can be made ON.

  15. its just an reference how to connect 2 SP switches in a series and both should ON to glow the Lamp., First Switch we can consider as first is the protection for second. If we use some protection unit like Fuse/MCB/RCCB etc instead of first switch den we can protect the circuit better.

    Difference B/w SP & DP?
    Ans: single-pole switch controls just one circuit. A double-pole switch controls two separate circuits. A double-pole switch is like two separate single-pole switches that are mechanically operated by the same lever, knob, button, or Switch.

  16. I wired a similar circuit, 120VAC with 2 switches in series, at school and I’m a little confused about something.. when both switches were open and I put my voltmeter across the 1st switch, I got a reading of 16V. Why? What is causeing me to get this reading?

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