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Advantages of Power factor improvement and Correction

 Advantages of Power factor improvement and Correction:

Following are the merits and benefits of improvedPower factor;
  1. Increase in efficiency of system and devices
  2. Low Voltage Drop
  3. Reduction in size of a conductor and cable which reduces cost of the Cooper
  4. An Increase in available power
  5. Line Losses (Copper Losses) I2R is reduced
  6. Appropriate Size of Electrical Machines (Transformer, Generators etc)
  7. Eliminate the penalty of low power factor from the Electric Supply Company
  8. Low kWh (Kilo Watt per hour)
  9. Saving in the power bill
  10. Better usage of power system, lines and generators etc
  11. Saving in energy as well as rating and the cost of the electrical devices and equipment is reduced 

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