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Godown Wiring Diagram – Tunnel Wiring Circuit and Working

Godown Wiring Circuit Diagram and its Working

Godown wiring circuit is needed in tunnel like structures, warehouses, long passages, big godowns having lots of rooms and different portions.

It was the best choice to save electricity and energy consumption where only one load i.e. light bulb can be operate at a time. Nowadays, as CFL and LED bulb which consumes low energy, this type of wiring is avoided due to its complexity ignoring the power consumption.

In this wiring installation tutorial, we will be going to control three lights bulbs using one SPST (Single pole single throw or single way) and two SPDT (Single pole double throw or two way) switches.

Godown Wiring Circuit

Godown Wiring Circuit



Component Rating Quantity
MCB 120V or 230V, 5A 1
One – Way Switch SPST,  5A 1
Two – Way Switch SPDT,  5A 2
Light Bulb 40 W 3
Wire Size 1.2mm PVC 2


  • First of all, turn off the main breaker to ensure the main supply is switched OFF.
  • Connect all the switches to the earthing / grounding terminals (not shown in the fig)
  • Connect the Neutral wire from MCB directly to all the three lamps as shown in fig.
  • Connect the Line (Phase or Live) wire to the first terminal of SPST switch.
  • Connect the first SPDT switch common (middle) terminal to the second terminal of SPST switch.
  • Connect the upper terminal of first SPDT switch to the first lamp.
  • Connect the lower terminal of first SPDT switch to the common (middle one) of second SPDT switch.
  • Connect the upper and lower terminals of second SPDT switch to the second and third lamps respectively.


It is a linear sequence of switching i.e. When a person enter the first room or portion, all lighting points are switched OFF as the first SPST switch is at OFF position.

When he

  • switch ON the SPST, the first lamp switch ON.
  • Switch ON the first SPDT, the second lamp switch ON and the previous one switch OFF.
  • Switch ON the second SPDT, the third lamp switch ON and the previous (second one) lamp switch OFF.


Similarly, when he:

Switch OFF the last i.e. second SPDT, the second lamp switch ON and third lamp switch OFF and so on until he reaches to the first SPST switch and the whole circuit can be switch OFF by turning it OFF.

The working and operation of godown wiring is shown in the below animated fig.

Godown Wiring Diagram Circuit and Working

Keep in mind that you may use many switches and lamps according to your needs while following the above tunnel and godown wiring schematic diagram. As the rating of each switch and lamps are same while only one load can be operational at once, therefore, use appropriate wire size and proper size MCB and suitable size and rating of switches according to the load rating.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Godown Wiring


  • It saves energy as only one load point is turned ON at a time.
  • The previous light bulb will switch off when turn on the next one.
  • It can save the power as well as time.


  • Two or more lighting points can’t be turn on at once.
  • It is a complected wiring

Here is the video showing the working and operation of godown wiring:

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  1. circuit Diagram of godown wiring is good. the diagram they use 2 pics switches 2gang. And 1 switch is 1gang. the diagram and table sheet is correct.

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