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Hostel Wiring Circuit Diagram and Working

Hostel Wiring Circuit Diagram and Its Operation

Hostel wiring circuit is especially designed and used for study hours by headmasters and wardens to convey the students to do their study instead of early sleeping.

In hostel wiring circuit, there is a SPST (single pole single throw or one way or single way) switch installed as a master switch in the warden room. The rooms lights also controlled through SPDT (single pole double throw or two way switches). All these switches and light bulbs in the rooms are configured in such an arrangement where the light rooms can be controlled dependently through SPDT switches and independently through master switch during the study hours specified by the management and wardens.

In hostel lighting circuit, lighting bulbs can’t be turn off during the study hours. For example, the rooms lamps can be switch ON and OFF directly by switching the 2 way switches in the student rooms. On the other hand during the study hours, warden switch ON the master switch so that, the students won’t be able to turn OFF the light bulbs. When the study hours period ends, warden again switch OFF the master switch, hence student will be able to turn OFF the lighting points.

Hostel Wiring Circuit

Below is the given circuit diagram for hostel wiring.

Hostel Wiring Circuit Diagram and WorkingRequirements:

Component Rating Quantity
MCB 120V or 230V, 5A 1
One – Way Switch SPST,  5A 1
Two – Way Switch SPDT,  5A 3
Light Bulb 40 W 3
Wire Size According to the rating 2


  • First of all, turn off the main breaker to ensure the main supply is switched OFF.
  • Connect all the switches to the earthing / grounding terminals (not shown in the fig)
  • Connect the Neutral wire from MCB directly to all the three lamps as shown in fig.
  • Connect the Line (Phase or Live) wire to the first terminal of SPST switch and lower terminals of all SPDT switches.
  • Connect an auxiliary wire to the first SPST switch upper terminal and all SPDT terminal as shown.
  • Connect all the light bulbs to the middle (common terminals) of SPDT (2 way) switches.
  • Finally, turn ON the main and associated breaker to test if the circuit is working perfectly.


If management decide the study hours as between 6PM to 10PM, the warden switch ON the master switch at 6PM. Now, students wont be able to switch OFF the individual lamps in the room even if the switch OFF the SPDT switches in their room.

When the study hours ends i.e. at 10PM, the warden switch OFF the master switch. This way, students now can turn OFF and ON the light bulbs by switching ON/OFF the 2 way switches in their rooms.

The hostel wiring circuit operate as the following sequence.

Wehn Master Switch (SPST) is OFF (during 10PM to 6PM).

  • All the light bulbs can be turn ON and OFF by switching ON and OFF the related SPDT swicthes in the student rooms.

When Master Switch (SPST) is ON by warden (during 6PM to 10PM).

  • All the light bulbs will turn ON. No matter what are the position of SPDT switches located in the students rooms.

Working of the hostel circuit diagram can be understand by the following animated gif or video.

Hostel Wiring Circuit Diagram animation

Keep in mind that you may use many switches and lamps according to your needs while following the above hostel wiring schematic diagram. as the rating of SPDT switches are same but all the loads are operational at once where all load is carrying by master switch during study hours therefore, use higher voltage and ampere for the master  switch with appropriate wire size and proper size MCB according to the load rating.


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  1. Welcome the circuits are awesome. Can be used in the technical field and will request for more to my mail address.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Although i wonder if in a real hostel one might be tempted to unscrew the light bulb if they wanted full control, and to sleep when they want.

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