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What is the differences between E.M.F and Voltage (P.d)

What is the differences between E.M.F and Voltage (P.d)

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  1. Thank you for your clear and accurate explanation!

    1. Electrical Technology says:

      Welcome Dear

  2. prakash satpute says:

    what is back emf?<br />

  3. Rajinder kumar says:

    i think E.M.F is the voltage of cell when no load is connected , but P.D is the term applied when the cell is connected to the load.

  4. yagyaraj kumar sah says:

    what is the difffrences between E.M.F.and P.D.F.?

  5. y.hemanth kumar says:

    Voltage , potential difference and emf these three units are same
    Why these unitd are same?

    1. oyeleye damilare says:

      @ y.hemanth kumar
      potential difference is same as voltage/voltage drop,as the case may be…..

      E.M.F is gotten when supply is not connected to load (i.e in an open circuit) while ;
      Potential Difference/Voltage drop is gotten when supply is connected to load (i.e in a closed circuit)

      i hope this helps.

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