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Electronics Final Year Projects Ideas List

30 Electronics Final Year Projects Ideas List for Students

In the following article, we will show top final year project list ideas for electronic engineering students.

Electronics Final Year Projects Ideas List

  • Automated Vehicle Identification and Toll-Pass System

This project enables an automated vehicle identification & toll collection at a toll booth. The identification is possible using an RFID chip that provides a unique ID for each vehicle & also a GSM module for providing the information about the tax deduction to the vehicle owner. It is a very efficient system for saving fuel, time, etc.

  • Health Monitoring Wearable Glove IoT BASED

In this project, we propose a wearable glove that provides the user information about the wearer’s health. It incorporates multiple sensors for measuring physiological sign i.e. heart rate, body temperature, Blood pressure, Respiration rate, Electrocardiogram ECG, etc. it is a revolutionizing project in health monitoring.

In this project we are going to control the appliance inside our home such a light, fans, water pump, etc. using a Bluetooth link between our cellphone & a microcontroller. The user sends the signal through the Bluetooth module where the microcontroller process the signal & switches the relay for that appliance accordingly.

  • Animatronic Hand

This project proposes the idea of an animatronic hand which is a wireless controlled animated hand that follows the movement of the user’s hand. The idea is to use flex sensors on each figure to sense the resistance variation with bending and feed it to Arduino. The Arduino then processes the information & command the servo through a wireless link between two Arduino to bend corresponding finger(s).

  • CNC Machine using Arduino

This project proposes the idea of a CNC (Computer numerical control) machine that runs on a arduino. The arduino controls 2 stepper motor for vertical and horizontal motion while there is an another DC motor which can be used for drilling, milling & engraving etc.

  • Vehicle Tracking System Based on GPS & GSM

The idea behind this project is to track a vehicle in real-time using a GPS kit installed in the circuit & provide the coordinates using the GSM Module. It can be implemented with a microcontroller or an Arduino kit to controlling & processing the data provide by the modules. It is a very useful tool in tracking your stolen vehicle.

  • Driver Anti Sleep Device

The idea behind this project is to make a wearable device that notifies & wake the driver when he is about to sleep by a mild electric shock or buzzer & vibration. The idea is to measure the conductance of the skin & heartbeat rate. The heartbeat rate decreases & also the conductance of the skin decreases due to low blood circulation when the driver fatigue level increases.

  • Long Range Spy Robot Circuit

The aim of this project is to control a robot wirelessly from a long-range & to transmit the video signal using the camera placed on the robot. It uses an RF encoder & transmitting antenna on the transmitter side. The receiver end uses an RF receiving antenna & a decoder that feeds the command to a microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the DC motor of the robot based on those commands through a motor driver IC. The video is transferred using a camera wirelessly to the receiver that can be connected with a monitor.

  • Electrical power generation using speed breaker

The aim of this project is to use the energy wasted by the vehicles while crossing a speed breaker & convert it into electricity for powering the street light etc. The mechanism below the speed breaker is connected with gears & flywheel that rotates when a vehicle crosses. The flywheel is connected to a generator to power up the loads.

  • Electrical Power Generation using Footsteps

The proposed idea is to save the footstep energy & convert it into a usable form such as electrical energy by using a Piezoelectric sensor. The piezoelectric sensor converts the mechanical stress into electrical energy which can be stored in a battery or directly power any nearby lights etc.

  • Automatic Paint Mixing Machine

This project’s aim is to make your desired color by mixing the basic colors in different ratios. The user can enter the desired color (saved in the system) through a user interface such as keypad etc. The Arduino process the data & calculate the ratio of the basic colors & switch the solenoid valve with a flow meter or a pump to allow the specified amount of paint. Later the paint is mixed in a container to produce the desired color. This project can be modified depending on the student’s requirements.

  • Eye Ball Control of Wheel Chair for Physical Handicapped person

The aim of this project is to control the steering of a wheelchair using your eyeball movement. The challenging part of this project is the detection of eyeball movement. Image processing by acquiring images through a camera or an IR sensor placed on custom-built glasses can detect such movement. An Arduino is used for processing the data & controls the DC motors inside the chair accordingly. The forward & backward movement with speed can be controlled with an accelerometer placed in the helmet.

  • Remote Controlled Camera Assisted Pick and Place Robot

The aim of this project is to control a robot wirelessly to pick and place something inaccessible for any person. The command signal is transmitted using the RF module while the video is transmitted from a camera mounted on the robot. The Microcontroller is programmed to control the DC motor used for motion, arm movement & grip based on the commands received through the RF module.

  • Solar Powered Voice Controlled wireless Robot using Arduino

The aim of this robot is to move based on the voice command of its user. A voice recognition module captures the voice commands in its database. The voice command is recognized & is passed to an Arduino serially. The Arduino process the commands & sends the relevant command wirelessly through the RF module to the Arduino that controls the robot. The number of voice commands depends on the voice recognition module.

  • Petrochemical Fire Monitoring And Control Station

The aim of this project is to monitor multiple locations in the petrochemical industry for fire hazards. The system uses a microcontroller that controls multiple temperature sensors in different locations. If the temperature exceeds the limit, an SMS is sent to the user to notify of the temperature at that location. The water sprinklers start at the location & an alarm starts to evacuate the personnel from that location.

  • Gate Access using RFID

This project proposes the idea of granting access to the person having a valid RFID (Radio-frequency identification) card. The Arduino which is connected with the RFID module grant or deny the access of the person accordingly by opening or blocking the gate.

  • Car Parking Guard Circuit Using Ultrasonic sensor

It is a safety project for new drivers during parking to know if there is any object behind the vehicle & how far it is. The ultrasonic sensor interfaced with the Arduino in this project provides the info about the distance between the vehicle & the object & display the distance on an LCD with warning LEDs.

  • Robotic Arm Using Arduino

In this project, we are using an Arduino to control 3 servo motors that move like an arm to hold & pick up any object & place it where you want. It can be controlled by an android app by using a Bluetooth module.

  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to rotate the solar panel using servo motor to face the sun. The LDR (light dependent resistor) is used for measuring the intensity of sunlight & provide valuable data to a microcontroller for processing.

  • RFID based Attendance System

The idea is to use an RFID module to detect the student card & mark his attendance. It uses an RFID module connected with the microcontroller. when the card is accepted, the module sends the data to the microcontroller which then displays the information on an LCD display.

  • Password Based Circuit Breaker

The idea behind this project is to make or break the circuit using a password to avoid an unauthorized person. the password is entered through a keypad connected to the microcontroller which controls the relay and circuit breaker to break the circuit or make it.

  • Smart Power Manager Using Microcontroller

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to switch on the appliances inside a room depending on the number of the person entering or leaving. The entering or leaving is detected using IR sensors. Also, the 7 segment display will show the number of people inside the room.

  • Motion-Based Auto Door Using PIR Sensor & Microcontroller

In this project, we are going to automate a door that opens when someone arrives near it. A PIR sensor used to detect the motion in front of the door & send the signal to a microcontroller. the microcontroller will switch the motor to open or close the door. Here is the example of Infrared Motion Detector Circuit and live example of Wireless Solar POWERED Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor LED Light.

  • Smart Building using IoT & PIR

In this project, we propose a system based on IoT & PIR sensors to switch appliances inside a building or a room depending on the number of people entering or leaving. It will also act as a security alarm at specified times & also upload the data through the Wi-Fi module for visual analysis.

  • Smart Energy Meter using GSM & Arduino

This is an Arduino based project intended for notifying the owner about the amount of energy consumption during a specific time using GSM kit. It helps in managing and monitoring your energy consumption using a cellphone.

  • Gesture Controlled Robot

The idea behind this project is the motion control of a robot using hand gestures. The motion command is provided by an accelerometer that sends the command wirelessly through an Arduino to the 2nd Arduino controlling the robot. Tilting the accelerometer in your hand will move the robot in the corresponding direction.

  • Automatic Electronic School Bell Using RTC

The idea is to make an automatic school bell that rings when the class time is over. This project uses an Arduino to control the whole mechanism i.e. the real-time acquisition of the date & time from the RTC chip & then provide a manual setting of the class periods duration by the user through push-button & LCD for visual display of status with time remaining options. The Arduino will ring the bell through a relay which should be powered from AC mains.

  • Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to control the traffic signal based on the traffic density. The traffic signal will operate on priority based. The traffic signal will open the high traffic lane first thus to reduce the rush.

In this project, we are going to manage and control the plant irritating system automatically. It is Arduino based automatic plant watering project with the schematic circuit diagram and source code as well as free PDF copy is available to download.

  • Maze Solver Robot

This project is a modified version of the line following robot where the line is made into a maze. The robot is programmed with the basic functions to solve the maze & memorize the correct path. On second attempt it coarse through the shortest path to the finish line.30 Electronics Final Year Projects Ideas List

Note: If you want to add your own final year electronics project idea to this article, let us know in the comment box below.

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