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Top Electrical Projects ideas for Engineering Students

Top 70+ Electrical Engineering Projects Ideas for Students

Below is the updated list of project ideas for Electrical Engineering students and hobbyists. We will update the list below with new electrical projects ideas time to time, so don’t forget to subscribe and bookmark this page.

Electrical Projects

Design of an intelligent and efficient light control system

The aim of this project is to save energy & utilize it (as low as possible) depending on the people inside a room and lighting design. A PIR sensor senses the people entering inside the room & switches on the light & other appliances accordingly. Thus the efficient lighting system helps in saving energy when the room or building is empty.

Induction Motor Starter Using Auto Delta Star Starter

The idea behind this project is to implement an induction motor starter that provides a low voltage at the start & provide full voltage after some time. This project uses a 555 timer to switch between two relays having Star & Delta connection. Initially, it should run on Star connection for low voltage & then switch to Delta connection for full speed.

Soft starter for 3 phase induction motor using microcontroller

An inductor motor draws huge current while starting which can cause mechanical as well as winding damage. In order to avoid such damage, the voltage is gradually increased by varying the firing angle of a TRAIC. A microcontroller is used to vary the firing angle with a zero voltage detector circuit.

Solar Energy Measurement using Pic Microcontroller:

The idea behind this project is to measure the power supplied from a solar panel and display the readings along with the voltage & current. This project uses current & voltage sensors connected with a microcontroller that displays the calculated power using the LCD display.

BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display:

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to measure & control the speed of the BLDC motor. The desired speed will be entered using a keypad, while the actual speed of the motor will be measured using an IR sensor (tachometer). The controller will then try to match the actual speed with the desired speed by increasing or decreasing through the PWM method.

Auto No Break Power Supply Control:

The aim of this project is to provide uninterruptible power supply from various power sources without any break. It uses a microcontroller to sense a power fail in primary source & switch the load to the secondary source by switching relay. It can be modified to use more than two sources.

Smoke Detector Alarm Circuit

The aim of this project is to trigger alarm such as buzzer or light when there is smoke detected inside a building. A smoke sensor along with a comparator IC is used to trigger the alarm when the sensor detects smoke. It can also be designed using a 555 timer IC. It is a protection device used in the kitchen etc. to notify the residents & prevent the damage & monitoring of No-smoking areas.

Automatic Railway Gate Controller

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to open or close the railway gate based on the position of the train. We are going to use some sensors in two positions to detect whether the train is coming or leaving & close or open the gate respectively using a servo motor.

PC Based PWM Speed Control of DC Motor System:

This project enables the full control of a DC motor i.e. its speed & direction through a wireless link between a PC & motor. This project is made of a wireless link between two Arduinos that is connected with PC & motor to send & receive commands. The speed is varied using PWM & the status information is displayed on an LCD.

Highway Alert Signal Lamp:

This is an alarm circuit that is used for providing safety during highway night driving. It uses photosensor to sense the vehicle behind and switch a bright light using a 555 timer IC for a specific duration to alert the driver & switch off when the vehicle overtakes.

Automatic College Bell System:

This is a mini college bell project that rings the bell when the class time is over. It uses timer IC with a decade counter to count time for the preset time of the period. Once the timer runs out, the 555 timer switch the bell through a relay that is powered from the AC mains.

Fuse and Power Failure Indicator

The aim of this project is to alert the person if there is a fuse or main power failure. The mains voltage is brought down using a transformer & voltage regulator which relays the signal through an Opto-coupler to the alarm circuit. The Optocoupler signal is amplified to trigger the LED & buzzer using a 555 Timer IC during a power failure.

Automatic Plant Watering & Irrigation System – Circuit, Code & Project Report

The objective of this project is to irrigate the plant automatically depending on the temperature & moisture of the soil. A temperature & moisture sensor provides the data to an Arduino which controls a solenoid valve to provide water accordingly. The system also notifies the owner regarding the status of plants.

Stress Meter

The skin resistance depends on the emotional state as the resistance decreases due to the high blood pressure caused by high stress. This principle is used in this project to measure the resistance of the skin & display the level of stress through a strip of LEDs.

Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device:

The idea is to use an IR remote to switch the direction of the induction motor wirelessly. The IR sensor feds the data to the microcontroller that changes the direction of the induction motor by switching the relay.

BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display:

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to measure & control the speed of the motor. The desired speed will be entered using a keypad, while the actual speed of the motor will be measured using an IR sensor (tachometer). The controller will then try to match the actual speed with the desired speed by increasing or decreasing through the PWM method.

Low-Cost Hearing Aid

A low-cost hearing aid can be designed using cheap components. The purpose of this circuit is to amplify the incoming sound. It uses a microphone whose output is amplified using Op-amp with high gain & then fed to a headphone that is powered by a medium gain op-amp.

Thyristor based variable DC charger

In this project, we are going to control the voltage of the DC power supply by changing the firing angle of the trigger pulse of the TRIAC through a microcontroller. Two push buttons connected to the microcontroller are used for increasing or decreasing the firing angle of the trigger pulse. The output of TRIAC is then rectified into DC output. A voltmeter connected to output will display the actual DC voltage.

AC Power Control Based on Thyristor & Microcontroller

The aim of this project is to control the power supplied to any appliance using a TRIAC & a microcontroller. In order to do that, we are going to use a keypad as a user interface to enter the delay & a microcontroller to vary the firing angle delay to trigger the TRIAC. A zero-crossing detector is used for detecting the reference starting point for the trigger pulse.

Thyristor based Power Control by IR Remote

The aim of this project is to wirelessly control the duty cycle of AC mains to any appliance by varying the firing angle of the TRIAC through a microcontroller. A TV remote is used for wireless control which increases or decreases the firing angle delay.

Chopper Based Speed Controlling of Electric Motor

The name of this project is self-explanatory. The chopper is a DC to DC converter except the output is variable. The circuit is this project is designed to control the switching to increase or decrease the speed of the motor.

Over Voltage Protection of Lead Acid Battery DC Charger

This is a DC charger project for 12v lead acid battery that incorporates overvoltage protection. The idea is to use a comparator IC or an OP-amp in comparator mode to monitor the voltage. Overvoltage damages battery so it is required in those places where the voltage levels are not steady.

Electrical Devices Protection from Earth Fault through Circuit Breaker

This project is used for the protection of devices against the earth’s fault. The idea is to use a current sensor to measure the current flow in earth cable. The sensor is connected to a microcontroller that immediately switches off the power supply using a relay.

LDR and RTC Based an Efficient Power Saver for Street Lights

The intelligent street light idea is proposed mainly to save energy. the idea is to use LDR to switch the system based on the light intensity. But still, there are some roads that do not have traffic after midnight, so the RTC provides the timing to maintain an effective lighting schedule of street lights.

Speed Control System of Electric Motor in Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Directions

The purpose of this project is to control the speed as well as the direction of a DC motor using a microcontroller. The speed is controlled using the PWM (pulse width modulation) while the direction is determined by changing the polarity of the driver IC. Multiple input pushbuttons are used to increase or decrease the PWM & change the direction.

Battery Status Indicator using Arduino

The purpose of this project is to indicate the battery levels & also trigger an alarm when the battery is low. An Arduino is able to measure the voltage of the battery, the voltage must be scaled down to its measurable limit. Based on the battery voltage, the Arduino will display the status using an LCD or through LEDs. The same concept can be used for water level indicator or rain alarm indicator.

Non-Contact Tachometer for Speed Measurement of Electrical Motor by Using Hall Effect Sensor

The Hall Effect sensor is used for sensing the magnetic field. The magnetic field of the magnet attached to the shaft of the motor will vary when it rotates. The sensors send the info to a microcontroller that processes it & calculates the RPM of the motor.

Digital Tachometer using IR sensor          

A tachometer is a measurement instrument used for measuring the speed of a motor. In this project, we are going to use an IR sensor to count the revolutions of a motor for a few seconds and display the RPM of the motor through LCD.

Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System

The idea is to automate the sprinkler that activates whenever there is a fire or increase in temperature. The proposed method is to use smoke & temperature sensors to detect the fire & release the sprinkler using the electronic valve. It is all controlled by a microcontroller. the system is used for protection & in early detection of fire to prevent further damage which is known as Intelligent fire alarm system as compared to addressable and conventional fire alarm systems .

Remote Controlled Robotic Arm

In this project, we are using an Arduino to control 3 servo motors that move like an arm to hold & pick up any object and place it where you want. It can be controlled wirelessly by a remote for convenience.

Obstacle Detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors

In this project, we are proposing a robot that detects & avoids when there is any object in front of it. An ultrasonic sensor (long-range) or infrared sensor (short-range) is placed in front of the vehicle to stop & turn when it detects an object. It can be implemented in automobiles to avoid an accident.

Automatic Load Controller and Sharing System

The purpose of this project is to monitor the load current & if the current exceeds a specified limit the supply is automatically stopped. A current supplied to the load is sensed and passed the info to the microcontroller that processes it. If the current exceeds the limit, the controller triggers the relay to switch the load to prevent damage.

Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

It is a safety project for new drivers during parking to know if there is any object behind the vehicle & how far it is. The ultrasonic sensor interfaced with the Arduino in this project provides the info about the distance between the vehicle & the object & display the distance on an LCD with warning LEDs.

GSM based Autonomous Car Parking

The idea behind this project is to automate the car parking system. The proposed method suggests the use of multiple microcontroller units to communicate with each other. A single module will be used to control the parking door in the presence of the vehicle & also the identification of the vehicle. An available parking slot will be assigned to the vehicle with its billing information that will be sent over a GSM kit.

Finger Print Based Security System

This project’s aim is to provide security for a lock or door using the finger print of the users. The proposed idea is to use a finger print sensor module with a controller or Arduino to detect the valid finger print & lock/unlock the door using servo motors. There is also an LCD to display the status of your finger print & door etc.

Bi-directional Visitor Counter

The aim of this project is to keep the number of count of people leaving & entering the building. This circuit counts the number of visitors inside a building by counting up or down when a visitor enters or leave respectively. It is done by using two IR sensors in a line to determine the direction of the visitor movement. You can also control the appliance inside the building using the number of available visitors.

Finger Print Based Car Starting System

The proposed system provides an anti-theft feature that allows the vehicle to only start when the owner thumb impression is recognized. The finger print scanner matches the impression & unlocks the vehicle starting mechanism only if it matches.

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System of Soil

The aim of this project is to monitor the temperature & humidity of the soil wirelessly in real time. The proposed system uses two microcontrollers & wireless modules (ZigBee) for communication. The temperature & humidity sensors provide the info to the microcontroller which is transmitted wirelessly to the 2nd microcontroller that displays the info on an LCD.

Sun Tracking Solar Panel

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to rotate the solar panel using a servo motor to face the sun. The LDR (light dependent resistor) is used for measuring the intensity of sunlight & provide valuable data to the microcontroller for processing.

Password Based Circuit Breaker

The idea behind this project is to make or break the circuit using a password to avoid an unauthorized person. The password is entered through a keypad connected to the microcontroller which controls the relay to break the circuit or make it. The same idea can be used for smart WiFi circuit breaker.

Smart Power Manager Using Microcontroller

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to switch on the appliances inside a room depending on the number of people entering or leaving. The entering or leaving is detected using IR sensors. Also, the 7 segment display will show the number of people inside the room.

Smart Energy Meter using GSM & Arduino

This is an Arduino based project intended for notifying the owner about the amount of energy consumption during a specific time using GSM kit. It helps in managing and monitoring your energy consumption using a cellphone.

Automatic Changeover Switch

This project aim is to automatically switch from primary to secondary power source & vice versa when either one of them is not available. The idea is to use a 555 Timer IC in the bi-stable mode that is triggered by a transistor. when the primary source supply stops, the transistor triggers the Timer & switch the relay to a secondary source.

Overload Protection of Transformer:

The purpose of this project is to protect the transformer from overloading. The objective is to sense the current supplied by the transformer & if the current exceeds a certain limit, the relay is triggered to break the circuit.

GSM based Real Time Street Light Control Systems

The purpose of this project is to control the street light wirelessly from the control center. The idea is to use the GSM module to communicate between the modules. The CC sends the command, the GSM module passes the command to the microcontroller that switches the corresponding relay.

Wireless Load Controller By GSM

This project’s purpose is to control various kinds of loads using GSM. The commands are sent through SMS to switch different loads using relays. It can also be a program to switch off or switch on a specific load after a specified time.

Car Speed Detector Circuit – Working and Source Code

In this project, we are going to measure the speed of a vehicle using an Arduino. It involves two IR sensors that sense the vehicle & the Arduino calculates the time passed between these two sensors. The speed is calculated using the time duration & the distance between the sensors.

Smart Home Automation System using Bluetooth & Arduino

In this project, we are going to control a number of home appliances wirelessly through a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth is linked with the Arduino to control individual relays to switch the appliances.

Wireless Motor Control System

The aim of this project is to wirelessly control a motor using IR communication. This system proposed is mainly for safety reasons where the motor is used for testing equipment. The remote sends the commands to the IR receiver kit that forwards it to the microcontroller to execute it.

Prepaid Energy Meter

Unlike the postpaid meters, this meter supply & consumes energy units based on the balance its owner has deposited. The meter is embedded with a notification feature that allows the owner to know when their deposited amount is low. It enables the owner to manage their expanses & save energy.

Tanker Robot for Vision Based Surveillance System

This wireless controlled robot is made for the purpose of video surveillance of inaccessible areas. The robot is equipped with cameras that transfer the video signal through a wireless module to a handheld screen. The handheld device is used for controlling the movement & direction of the robot.

Automated Stair Climbing robot

The most challenging obstruction for an autonomous vehicle is stairs. This project is the main focus is to design a robot that can easily cover the steps going up or down the stairs. Such a system can be then implemented in wheelchairs for disabled people to overcome the challenges.

Conversion of Single Phase to Three Phase Supply

The project aim is to convert the single-phase supply into a three-phase supply for powering three-phase loads. The system creates two new lines each with a phase difference of 120°.

Below are some additional electrical engineering projects list and ideas.

  • Cell Phone Detector
  • Design of PM Generator for A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • Energy Leak Detector
  • Low Cost FM Booster
  • Plant Boiler Automation Using GSM Technology
  • Put Coin And Draw Power
  • Railway Security System based on Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Room Noise Detector
  • Transmission of data using Power line carrier communication System:
  • Industrial Automation with Door Controlling by Using Touch Screen
  • Real Time Monitoring for GB MMC Card Based Data Logger and GSM Based SCADA
  • Intelligent Auto Controlling of Train Security System
  • GSM Technology Based Power Grid Devices Controlling and Monitoring System
  • ZIGBEE and GSM SMS Based an Online Monitoring and Fittings System of Temperature of Conductors
  • Power Electronic BasedControl Design of Fault Current Limiter
  • Proportional Integral Controller Based Thirteen level Inverter for PV System Connected by Grid
  • Power Control and Energy Management of a Hybrid Active Wind Generator for Grid Integration and Distributed Power Generation
  • Full Bridge Converters and Multi Boost Based Battery Power Management and Super Capacitors for Hybrid Vehicle Applications
  • Two Parallel Single phase Rectifiers Based Single Phase to Three Phase Drive System
  • Speed Control of Induction Motorsby Using Hybrid plus Fuzzy Controller

Let us know in the comment box below if you have any other related project idea to add it in the Electrical Engineering Project Ideas post.

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