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Electrical Engineering Final Year Projects

85+ Electrical Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

In the following article, we will show top final year project list ideas for electrical engineering students as we are getting too much quires in emails and page inbox from the followers especially newbies and EE final year students. Note that we will update the list time to time whenever saltest ideas and electrical projects introduces in the related field.

Electrical Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset for Temporary Fault and Trip for Permanent Fault:

The aim of this project is to check for the faults in a three-phase system & trip the power supply if the fault is permanent. The circuit constantly observes for line to line & line to ground fault & quickly acts upon any fault. If there is a temporary fault the system resets while if the fault is permanent the power supply trips to avoid further damage.

Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supply:

The idea behind this project is to make sure the proper phase sequence is applied to certain 3 phase machines & trips the power during the wrong phase sequence to avoid any potential damage. It uses a phase sequence detectors using NAN gates with Zener diodes to trigger a 555 timer IC that would switch the power supply.

SCADA for Remote Industrial Plant Operation:

SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition systems are used for automation in industries. The parameters of the systems such as temperature or humidity etc are kept in check using sensors. The data is relayed through serial communication between microcontroller & computer that is used for supervising & providing automatic or manual control over the parameter’s limit.

Home Automation System

The purpose of this project is to control the appliances inside our home such as a light, fans, water pump, etc which leads it to the smart home automation system. using a Bluetooth link between our cellphone & a microcontroller. The user sends the signal through the Bluetooth module where the microcontroller process the signal & switches the relay for that appliance accordingly.

Zigbee based wireless sensor network for sewerage monitoring:

The proposed project idea is to monitor the sewerage system wirelessly for water blockage. The modules are installed inside the sewer in various points that are connected with the base receiver. The sensors provide the data to a microcontroller that is transmitted using Zigbee a wireless module.

Control Electrical Devices (Home Automation) Using your android phone:

This project’s aim is to design a system that enables the user to switch the home appliances using their android phone. In order to do that, you need to use a relay for switching appliances & an Arduino to switch the relay. While the commands are received through a Bluetooth link between the phone & Bluetooth module (HC-05) interfaced with Arduino. Similar project can be used i.e. Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System.

Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection System

In this project, we are going to build a circuit that protects the load from low or high voltage. The proposed idea is to use two 555 timers IC in comparator mode to detect the low & high voltage individually. Of course, the voltage applied should be converted to DC using a rectifier. The timers are then supposed to switch the relay connected to load.

4 Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control Using Microcontroller

In this project we are proposing the idea of controlling a DC motor in 4 quadrants i.e. clockwise, anticlockwise, forward brake & reverse brake using a microcontroller. Each push button will trigger one of the four quadrants using a motor driver IC.

Designing of ATM Terminal by Using Fingerprint Recognition

The aim of this project is to make a secure ATM terminal that can be only accessed by the user with his fingerprint along with the card & password. The idea is that a stolen card & password can be used by anyone unless there is a fingerprint recognition feature embedded into the terminal.

Anti-rigging Voting System Development Using Finger Print

This project is designed for a voting system using finger print recognition to protect the system from casting fake votes. The system will acquire the finger print impression and matches it with its current database. it will help in fair elections.

Thermal Overload Protection and Temperature Monitoring of Transformer in Real-time

The aim of this project is to protect the transformer from the high temperature that could cause damage. The idea is to use the LM35 sensor to measure the temperature of the oil & winding in real time & show it on LCD. If the said temperature crosses a specified limit, the microcontroller trips the supply to prevent any damage & also notify the personnel for maintenance.

Over Speed Alarm Indicators of Electrical Motor with Digital RPM Indicator

The purpose of this project is to measure the speed of the motor & trigger the alarm if the speed exceeds a certain limit. The proposed system uses a microcontroller with IR sensors to count the rotations of a motor. The data is processed and speed is displayed through LCD. If the calculated speed exceeds the limit, a buzzer & light triggers to notify the person.

AC Lamp Dimmer Based on Android Smart Phone

The idea behind this project is to control the light intensity of a lamp using an android smartphone. The project uses a Bluetooth module to connect between the circuit & phone. The BT module sends the commands to the microcontroller. The microcontroller increase or decrease the firing angle of a thyristor to increase or decrease the power supplied to the lamp (or any AC load)

Distance Announcement Using Android Smart Phone and Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

The aim of this project is to measure the distance between the sensor & an object using an ultrasonic sensor & display it on a smartphone. You need an Arduino to connect the sensor & the Bluetooth module to connect it to the phone. The Arduino will calculate the distance using the information provided by the sensor & sends it to the phone through the BT module.

TRIAC Based Load Controlling and Dynamic Temperature Adjustable System

The aim of this project is to control a load based on the temperature changes in the environment. The idea is to utilize the method of varying firing angle of the TRIAC to increase or decrease the power supplied using a microcontroller. The temperature sensor relays the info to the microcontroller via ADC, which process it & generates the firing angle accordingly.

Automatic Street Light based upon Vehicle Detection

The idea is to switch on the street light when there is a vehicle on the road to reduce energy consumption. This project uses IR sensors placed on the side of the road to detect the vehicle and send the command to a microcontroller to switch on the light through a relay to illuminate the road ahead.

GSM Technology Based Controlling of Intelligent Irrigation Water System

The aim of this project is to smartly irrigate plants once their soil moisture decreases & also notify the user about its condition through the GSM module. The idea is to use a soil moisture sensor with a microcontroller that determines the water requirement. Dry soil has high while wet soil has low resistance. The water pump or valve is triggered using a microcontroller to irrigate the plant.

AVR Based Smart Electricity Meter

The purpose of this project is to measure the consumed units of electricity in a house wirelessly from your office. The idea is to use a microcontroller that reads the meter & sends the data through an RF module to the receiver at the office. The sent information is displayed using LCD with the meter identification information.

Train Accident Alert

The purpose of this project is to avoid the accident between two trains on the same track. The idea is to use a proximity sensor on the front & back of the train to sense the distance between trains. If there is a train on the same track, the system will trigger auto brakes & the horn for notification.

GSM Based Accident Sensing Systems

The purpose of this project is to monitor traffic for any accidents & notify the concerned authorities for quick measures through the GSM module. The idea is to use microcontrollers in an individual vehicle that will incorporate multiple proximity & pressure sensors to detect any accident. A GPS will send the coordinates of the place of accident to the concerned authorities using GSM.

Electronic Voting Machine based on Fingerprint Recognition

The aim of this project is to digitalize the voting machine to reduce paperwork. The idea is to use a microcontroller to count the votes that will be cast by pressing a push-button selected for individual candidates. In order to identify the vote, the finger print of the user is captured first & a single vote is cast. The same finger print won’t work again or multiple votes on single finger print.

Automatic Conveyor for Industrial Automation

The idea behind this project is to automate the conveyor belt in industries that will only run when there is any object upon it to save energy & its speed can also be automated. The idea is to use object detection sensors & speed sensors & process it using a microcontroller for industrial automation.

Attendance Management Using Fingerprint Recognition System

The attendance in colleges or at a job can be easily managed using the finger print recognition system. A fingerprint scanner module with an Arduino can be used to detect the thumb impression that will be registered for that unique user. A person can sign up by using his finger print & sign out using the same method. The system will also record the time of entry.

Automatic Energy Management Systems

The idea behind this project is to monitor the energy consumption & put a limit on the devices that consume high energy. the idea is to use a microcontroller with current sensing units to determine the power consumption in each device. The calculation is sent over the wireless medium to another microcontroller that is connected with the PC. The PC terminal will show the consumed units by each device & can be managed for a whole month where the data can be used for better energy conservation in a building.

Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair

This project’s aim is to help the physically challenged people in controlling their wheelchair motion using their tongue. This project suggests the use of magnet attached to the tip of the tongue & a hall-effect sensor (which is a magnetic field sensor) are attached to a helmet. The sensors will detect the motion of the tongue which can be translated into motion using a microcontroller.

Intelligent Wireless Talking Bus Stop

The aim of this project is to help the blind people in recognizing the bus stop & the bus traveling path. The suggested method uses an RF-ID sensor in a bus that reads the RF-ID of the bus stop & announce the location on speaker. The microcontroller also announces the travel path of the bus to help the blind in deciding his destination.

PC Regimented Defense Android Using ZigBee

The aim of this project is to help the military in monitoring an area by using a wireless controlled robot with a camera. The wireless communication is done using a Zigbee module. The video signal with movement commands is processed by the microcontroller & sent between the handheld controller & the bot.  it is used in surveillance. 

Multi Waveform Function Generator with Frequency Counter

The project’s purpose is to generate a signal with variable frequency & waveform & also measure the frequency of a signal. It uses a single generator IC that can generate sine, square & triangle with variable duty cycle & adjustable frequency. With the help of potentiometers, we can design it to vary the frequency and duty cycle while selecting between the various waveforms.

Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System

The purpose of this project is to control the electrical appliance using GLCD or graphical LCD with a touch screen. The idea is to use GLCD with microcontroller & an EMR relays for switching load. The GLCD shows the current status of the devices & also a user can easily switch the load just by touching the LCD screen.

Switchgear Contact Temperature Online Monitoring

The aim of this project is to monitor the temperature of the switchgear contacts & proceed with necessary action if the temperature crosses some predefined limit. The idea is to use temperature sensor LM35 & sends the information using a microcontroller through the ZigBee module wirelessly. The information is received by another module that displays it on a screen. If the temperature rises the microcontroller sends commands to shut down that particular switchgear.

Power Management in Remote Airfield Lighting System

The RALS (remote airfield lighting system) does not have any power management system. The proposed system is equipped with multiple sensors for sensing humidity, light, temperature, etc. to calculate the adequate power required for the RALS. Thus it saves energy in the long run.

Environment Monitoring System

The idea of this project is to monitor an environment for multiple factors such as humidity, temperature, light & metal, etc. The robot is equipped with multiple sensors to acquire the data & wirelessly transmit the information to a handheld unit that displays the data continuously. This is a multipurpose project that can be used to detect metal as well as sense the weather conditions.

Green House Monitoring and Control

The idea behind this project is to monitor & control the factors affecting plant growth automatically such as humidity, temperature, light, etc. The project uses sensors for monitoring each factor using appropriate sensors & then provides the necessary measure to control. It can also include a GSM kit to send SMS to the user about the current condition or when the condition gets worse.

Automatic Speed Controller in Schools and Colleges

This project’s main idea is to avoid the accident caused by overspeeding near schools & colleges. The idea is to use RF ID sensors in cars. The car sensors sense the RF-ID near colleges using a microcontroller & send the commands to the driver section to reduce the speed otherwise override to reduce the speed automatically.

Bus Information Alert for Blind Using Zigbee

The aim of this project is to help blind people in finding their bus at a bus station. The idea is to use wireless communication using a ZigBee module between two Arduino that transfer information between the bus & the blind user. The bus module will send the info when it arrives at the bus station & the user module will announce the bus info to the blind user.

Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for CAR

The aim of this project is to allow the car ignition system only if the driver’s alcohol levels are in a limit. Alcohol sensors like MQ3 can detect the alcohol concentration in your breath which varies its resistance. The microcontroller will process the data & switch on the relay circuit that activates the ignition.

Laser Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

The aim is to transmit an audio signal from one circuit to another through a laser beam. A laser diode generates a laser that can travel very high distances. You can use an audio amplifier IC to amplify the audio signal coming from an audio port & transmit it through the laser diode. A mini solar panel receives the signal which can be played through speaker after amplification.

Railway Accident Avoiding System

The proposed idea is to avoid an accident by finding any dislocation or cracks in a train track. It can be done by using a robot powered by a microcontroller that has sensors embedded in it. The bot will communicate wirelessly with the handheld controller that also uses a microcontroller. The sensors from the bot will send the data, thus notifying the crew about any problems in the tracks. A GPS module will also enable spotting the coordinates of the said problem.

Train Distance Indicator for Unguarded Level Crossing

The aim of this project is to avoid any accident at the unguarded level crossing by providing information about any coming train along with its distance. The idea is to place a few sensors along the train track at a specific distance apart that sends the signal to the microcontroller at the gate. The distance from the sensors is displayed on a screen to alert any vehicle passing.

Traffic Priority Control for Ambulance

The aim of this project is to embed a priority feature in the existing traffic signal for an emergency vehicle such as Ambulance, fire truck or police car, etc. The idea is to identify the emergency vehicle in the lane & prioritize the traffic signal into green while turning the other signal into red up to the destination zone.

Ultrasonic & Voice Based Walking For Blind

This project’s purpose is to assist blind people in walking by notifying them of the hurdle in their paths. The idea is to use ultrasonic sensors whose rays reflect back from a surface & are used for object detection. The controller processes the information & provides voice feedback to the person.

Electrical Power Generation using Speed Breaker

The aim of this project is to use the energy wasted by the vehicles while crossing a speed breaker & convert it into electricity for powering the street light etc. The mechanism below the speed breaker is connected with gears & flywheel that rotates when a vehicle crosses. The flywheel is connected to a generator to power up the loads.

Electrical Power Generation using Footsteps

The proposed idea is to save the footstep energy & convert it into a usable form such as electrical energy by using a Piezoelectric sensor. The piezoelectric sensor converts the mechanical stress into electrical energy which can be stored in a battery or directly power any nearby lights etc

Observation of Numerous Parameters in Motors for Fault Avoidance

This project’s sole purpose is to monitor various parameters of a motor to avoid any damage. The parameters such as current, resistance, vibration, temperature, etc. are continuously monitored. If any parameters fall outside the safe zone, the power supply is stopped & notification is issued for maintenance for the said parameter.

Touch Screen Based Speed Controlling of AC Motor

The main purpose of this project is to control the speed of the AC motor by varying the TRIAC firing angle. The additional feature of this project is to make it user-friendly by interfacing GLCD or graphical LCD with a touch screen. the GLCD will have the option for start, stop & speed up/down, etc.

Image and Password Based Machinery Access Control System with Touch Screen

The project’s purpose is to make a touchscreen based system that displays the status as well as controls the machinery in industries. The idea is to use GLCD to control the multiple functions of machines such as ON / OFF & speed & direction. The GLCD will also show the current status of the machines.

Motor Speed Control and Monitoring System Based on Frequency Locked Loop

The purpose of this project is to maintain a constant speed of a DC motor at a variable load. The speed of the motor is converted into frequency using a sensor that is compared with the input reference frequency to maintain a constant speed. The comparator generates a voltage based on the difference that increases or decrease the speed of the motor.

Zigbee and GSM based Real Time Home and Industrial Automation System

The idea behind this project is to control the appliance or machinery inside the home or industries from far away. The system uses a GSM based communication between the user & control module. The command is sent using an SMS that is wirelessly sent to the corresponding appliance using a wireless Zigbee module. The status of the appliance or machine is sent in real-time to the user using an SMS.

RF Technology Based Wireless 3 Phase Motor Starter with Feedback Indicators

This system is used for controlling the motor wirelessly using an RF module. The wireless button interface will send the command through an RF transmitter to the motor starter module. The system will also show the current status of the motor.

GSM Path Planning For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic

This project is a wearable device for a blind person that will allow the user to navigate the path easily through voice instructions. The device will plan the route for the location & provide instruction at each corner or obstruction. The device is also interfaced with a GSM module to send the current location of the person for monitoring purposes.

Wireless Weather Monitoring Station

The purpose of this project is to monitor the weather for multiple parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind, pressure, etc. the project uses various sensors for each reading & wireless transmission between the sensors & the handheld device that will display the readings.

Pedestrian Collision Avoidance

The aim of this project is to develop such a system in vehicles to avoid any accident regarding hitting a pedestrian. The idea is to use a detection system for pedestrians such as ultrasonic sensors etc. & also detect the state of the driver. According to the collected info, the vehicle will automatically execute the best manure to avoid any harm to the pedestrian.

GSM based Energy Meter Rate Display & Anti-theft System

This project enables the user to know the exact consumed energy units along with the changes in real time. The microcontroller is used for calculating the bill that will be displayed on an LCD. Also, the GSM kit will send an SMS notification of the bill to the owner. The system can also be used to detect electricity theft if used at both the feeder & the house. If the units of feeder exceed the domestic meter, the electricity is being stolen & the GSM kit will notify the concerned authority.

Power grid control through PC SCADA: 

The main purpose of this project is to control the appliances connected to the grid through the PC. The idea is to use an RF link between the transmitter & receiver that consists microcontroller for switching appliances through a relay. The PC sends commands through Serial communication to the microcontroller.


TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation & it is used for pain relief without using drugs. The idea behind this unit is to generate either a high-frequency signal that blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain or a low-frequency signal that helps the body to produce endorphins (to increase blood flow) to relieve pain.

Fire Fighting Robot

The proposed idea is to use a robot that can enter into a building where humans cant & extinguish the fire autonomously. The idea is to use IR sensors to detect the fire & follow it & then extinguish it using the water from a pump. The IR sensors are placed around the robot, to provide 360 degree sensing.

Intelligent GSM Care for Bus Finding System

This project aim is to provide information about a bus location & its arrival time at a bus station. The GSM module inside the bus sends the message to the station containing info about its location & estimated time of arrival. It will enable people to manage their time well.

Autonomous Lawn Mower

The aim of this project is to automate the lawn mower to operate automatically without any person involved. It will work in a specified area & also it will avoid any obstacles like trees using ultrasonic sensors.

Below are some additional electrical final project list and ideas.

  • Distance Relaying Scheme Based on a Novel Fuzzy Neural Network
  • A Unified Frame Work for Optimal Control Theory and Hybrid Control Model
  • GSM Based UPS Battery Management for Industries
  • Power Conversion System from Three Phases to Single Phase
  • Controlling and Indication of Mobile Car Robot Using Sensor
  • Posture Activities and Allocations of Wearable Sensor Based on a Shoe
  • Controlling of Electrical Device Switch by using a Mobile Phone
  • Embedded System Based EB Theft Finder and Analyzer
  • Remote Flying Robot Based GSM Unmanned Arial Photography
  • Stepper Motor and DC Motor Speed Controller Based on PC
  • Power Semi Conductor Based Speed Control of Universal Motor
  • Access Control of Electrical Equipments System Based on Integrated Chip
  • Energy Meter Based Manipulating of Domestic Electricity Bill
  • A Domestic Electricity Meter Construction with Voice Announcement
  • Novel Technique Based Three Phase to Five Phase Transformer Development
  • Hybrid PWM Based Analysis of Cascaded Five Level Multilevel Inverter
  • Distributed Power Flow Controller Based Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution Systems
  • Interfacing Inverter Based Power Quality Enhancement of Distributed Network
  • SHEPWM Technique Based Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel Inverter
  • High Performance PID controller Simulation for Speed Controlling of an Induction Motor with Mathematical Modeling
  • Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based Wind Energy Conversion System
  • A Two Stage Bidirectional/Isolated DC/DC Converter by Using Current Ripple Reduction technique
  • Quasi Z- Source Topology based Single Phase AC-AC Converter
  • Simulation and Modeling of an Asynchronous Generator with AC/DC/AC Converter fed RLC Series
  • Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based Compensation of Swells and Sags Voltage during Single line to Ground and Three Phase Faults
  • UPQC Custom Power Device Based Wind Farm to Weak Grid Connection
  • Power Quality Measuring and Development Method for Monitor Device
  • Password Enabled Industrial Devices Switching by Using Speech Recognition

Note: If you want to add your own final year electrical project idea to this article, let us know in the comment box below.

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