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Electronics Engineering Project Ideas for Engineering Students

50+ Electronics Engineering Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Below is the list of project ideas for Electronics Engineering students and hobbyists.

Electronics Engineering Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Battery status Indicator using Arduino

In this project, the Arduino is able to measure the voltage of the battery which should be scaled down to its measurable limit. Based on the battery voltage, the Arduino will display the status using an LCD or through LEDs. When the voltage levels decrease down from 40% the Arduino will activate a buzzer as a warning for low battery.

The objective of this project is to irrigate the plant automatically depending on the temperature & moisture of the soil. A temperature & moisture sensor provides the data to an Arduino which controls a solenoid valve to provide water accordingly. The system also notifies the owner regarding the status of plants.

  • Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT

In this project, we are going to monitor the water consumption using an Arduino controlled valve that monitors the flow of water & upload the data using a WIFI module to analyze the data in a visual format.

  • Smart Irrigation System using IoT

This IoT based irrigation system provides a smart & intelligent way of a watering plant. A moisture sensor placed in the soil senses the moisture & the Arduino switches the water pump accordingly. It also uploads the data through Wi-Fi for further analysis.

  • AC Power Control Based on Thyristor & Microcontroller

So the aim of this project is to control the power supplied to any appliance using a TRIAC & a microcontroller. In order to do that, we are going to use a keypad as a user interface to enter the delay & a microcontroller to vary the firing angle delay to trigger the TRIAC. A zero-crossing detector is used for detecting the reference starting point for the trigger pulse.  

  • Wireless Notice board using Microcontroller with GSM Module

The idea behind this project is to have a notice board that displays the message received wirelessly through a GSM module. The GSM kit will receive & transfer the message to the microcontroller through serial communication port (RS232) to display the message on the display. There should also be a scrolling option for displaying lengthy messages.

  • GSM Based Door locking & unlocking system

The idea is to use a GSM kit with a microcontroller or Arduino to receive the password to the door through an SMS. If the password is correct it opens the door.  The correct password is stored inside the microcontroller that is matched with the password from the SMS. If they do not match the door remains locked.

  • Thyristor based Variable DC Charger

In this project, we are going to control the voltage of the DC power supply by changing the firing angle of the trigger pulse of the TRIAC through a microcontroller. Two pushbuttons connected to the microcontroller are used for increasing or decreasing the firing angle of the trigger pulse. The output of TRIAC is then rectified into DC output. A voltmeter connected to output will display the actual DC voltage.

  • Digital Clock Circuit

A 24 Hr digital clock can be made by using 6 decade counter ICs (74lS90) that has a built-in BCD counter & a 555 Timer IC set in an astable mode for 1Hz. There are 6 BCD to 7 segment decoder ICs for each digit display. The only challenge is to figure out how to set the clock pulse of consecutive counters & the counter reset pulse.

  • Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device:

The idea is to use an IR remote to switch the direction of the induction motor wirelessly. The IR sensor feds the data to the microcontroller that changes the direction of the induction motor by switching the relay.

  • Colour Intensity Measurement

The aim of this project is to detect the color of any material and display the color using the RGB led controlled by a microcontroller. It uses a color sensor that can detect the levels of Red, Green & Blue in a color. The controller uses this data to power the RGB LED using the same levels of RGB colors to show the same color.

  • Arduino based Color Sorting Project

The proposed idea is to make a system that can detect & sort out objects based on their color. This project uses a color sensor that detects the color of the object passing by on a rail. The Arduino processes the sensor data and controls the servo motors to slide the objects in its corresponding shelve or box depending on the design.  

  • Multi-Frequency & Waveform Signal Generator

This circuit can generate a signal with variable frequency & waveform. It uses a single generator IC that can generate sine, square & triangle with variable duty cycle & adjustable frequency. With the help of potentiometers, we can design it to vary the frequency and duty cycle while selecting between the various waveforms.

  • Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer

In this project, a TV remote sends the commands which are detected by an IR sensor & fed to the microcontroller. The controller sends the corresponding cursor movement command serially to the computer via RS232 port.

  • Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection

This project is able to ring the doorbell automatically when there is a person beside your door. The ultrasonic sensors are used for sensing the object i.e. a person and based on this information the doorbell will activate through a relay.

  • Laser Audio Transmitter

The aim is to transmit an audio signal from one circuit to another through a laser beam. A laser diode generates a laser that can travel very high distances. You can use an audio amplifier IC to amplify the audio signal coming from an audio port & transmit it through the laser diode. A mini solar panel receives the signal which can be played through speaker after amplification.

  • Light Sensing Robot

This is a fun project where the robot vehicle follows a light source. There are two photodiodes mounted on the front of the vehicle which provides the necessary data for the comparator IC to run the motor accordingly through a motor driver.

  • Wireless AC Power Detector Project

This project can detect AC current flow in a wire. The idea is to use a decade counter whose clock is connected to an antenna (a coil) & use a single output of the counter to power a buzzer through a transistor. Another idea is to use a Darlington pair transistor with an antenna to amplify the signal & power the buzzer.

  • Wireless Doorbell Calling System

The idea behind this project is to use a wireless button at the door that will trigger the bell inside the home. The Transmitter uses a transmitting antenna with an encoder to send the signal to the receiver inside the home. The receiver will decode the signal & trigger the buzzer.

  • Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System

The idea is to transfer power wirelessly between two circuits. The transmitter circuit is made of a high-frequency inverter & a transformer. The receiver is made of a rectifier to convert the HF AC into DC to run a DC load. The transfer of power between the circuits is done using air-core transformer i.e. separate winding with each circuit.

  • Remote Control robot using DTMF Encoder

The DTMF stands for dual-tone multi-frequency which is the tone generated by the keypad in our cellphone. Each button has a different frequency which is decoded using a DTMF decoder which provides binary output. The decoder is then connected to a driver IC to control the motion of the robot

  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection System

In this project, we are going to build a circuit that protects the load from low or high voltage. The proposed idea is to use two 555 timers IC in comparator mode to detect the low & high voltage individually. Of course, the voltage applied should be converted to DC using a rectifier. The timers are then supposed to switch the relay connected to load.

  • Induction Motor Starter Using Auto Delta Star Starter

The idea behind this project is to implement an induction motor starter that provides a low voltage at the start & provides full voltage after some time. This project uses a 555 timer to switch between two relays having star & delta connection. Initially, it should run on star connection for low voltage & then switch to delta for full speed.

  • 4 Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control Using Microcontroller

In this project we are proposing the idea of controlling a DC motor in 4 quadrants i.e. clockwise, anticlockwise, forward brake & reverse brake using a microcontroller. Each push button will trigger one of the four quadrants using a motor driver IC.

  • Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection

Whenever a gas leak is detected inside a room, the exhaust fan will automatically start & an alarm will activate to notify the resident. In this project, we are going to use a gas sensor interfaced with a microcontroller to raise alarm using buzzer & start the exhaust fan to remove the gas from the room.

  • BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display:

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to measure & control the speed of BLDC motor. The desired speed will be entered using a keypad, while the actual speed of the motor will be measure using an IR sensor (tachometer). The controller will then try to match the actual speed with the desired speed by increasing or decreasing through the PWM method.

  • Automatic Railway Gate Controller

In this project, we are going to use a microcontroller to open or close the railway gate based on the position of the train. We are going to use some sensors in two positions to detect whether the train is coming or leaving & close or open the gate respectively using a servo motor.

  • Medicine Reminder using Arduino

It is a mini-project in which we have used an Arduino to design an alarm system that notifies the patient when it is their medicine time. The time is provided by an RTC chip that is connected with the Arduino & it activates the buzzer at the specified time while displaying the message on LCD.

  • Line Following Robot Using Arduino

In this project, we are going to make an automatic robot running on Arduino that follows a line. The line is usually made of a white stripe on the black floor or vice versa. They are mostly used in industry for automation purposes such as packing & sorting etc with additional features.

  • Object Avoiding Robot Using Arduino

In this project, we are proposing a robot that avoids when there is any object in front of it. An ultrasonic sensor (long-range) or infrared sensor (short-range) is placed in front of the vehicle to stop & turn when it detects an object. It can be implemented in automobiles to avoid an accident.

  • Object Following Robot Using Arduino

This project proposes the idea of a robot made from Arduino that follow any object or guide in front of it. The sensors in front detect the object movement and follow it. It can be used in industrial automation & also a personal bag that follows the owner.

  • Automatic Street Light-based upon Vehicle Detection

The idea is to switch on the street light when there is a vehicle on the road to reduce energy consumption. This project uses IR sensors placed on the side of the road to detect the vehicle and send the command to a microcontroller to switch on the light through a relay to illuminate the road ahead.

  • Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights

This project helps in saving energy by maintaining the intensity of the street light according to the road usage hours. The idea is to use an LDR to activate the light at night & an RTC chip for providing real-time which will be used by the microcontroller to maintain light intensity through PWM depending on the time.

  • Bidirectional Visitor Counter using Microcontroller

In this circuit, we are going to count the number of visitors inside a building by counting up or down when a visitor enters or leave respectively. It is done by using two IR sensors in a line to determine the direction of the visitor movement. You can also control the appliance inside the building using the number of available visitors.

  • Programmable Load Shedding Time Management 

It is an automatic load shedding system that switches ON/OFF the power supply at a specific time for a predefined duration. The time is provided by an RTC chip that is connected to the microcontroller that is also displayed with the status of the load shedding.

  • Smooth Start of a Single Phase Induction Motor

An inductor motor suffers damage from a sudden start. In order to avoid such damage, the voltage is gradually increased by varying the firing angle of a TRAIC. A microcontroller is used to vary the firing angle with a zero voltage detector circuit.

  • Health Monitoring System using 7-Segment Display & Atmega Microcontroller

The idea behind this project is to use a microcontroller to implement a health monitoring system that measures & displays the temperature & heart rate of the patient using a 7 segment display. If the heartbeat or temperature falls in abnormal limits the microcontroller will sound the alarm.

  • Remote Control Plant Watering System Using 8051

This project we are proposing a system then turn on water through a wireless remote using a microcontroller. A TV remote will transmit the signal to the controller which will then switch on/off the water pump to control the water flow.

  • Smoke Alarm System

This project is designed to activate alarm such as buzzer or light when there is smoke detected inside the room. There is a smoke sensor used with a comparator IC which activates the alarm when the sensor is activated. It can also be designed using a 555 timer IC. It is a protection device used in the kitchen etc. to notify the residents & prevent the damage & monitoring of No-smoking areas.

  • Alcohol Breathalyzer Circuit:

Alcohol sensors like MQ3 can detect the alcohol concentration in your breath which varies its resistance. We can use this data to make a circuit that sound buzzer when it detects high concentration through a comparator or microcontroller or an analog voltage-controlled LED driver that display the magnitude of voltage using a strip of LEDs

  • Weather Monitoring System using IoT

This project is based on IoT using a DHT (Digital Humidity & Temperature) sensor to measure the humidity & temperature of the environment & upload it to the internet using a Wi-Fi module that is connected to an Arduino for further analysis.

  • Touch Dimmer using Arduino

The idea is to dim a bulb through touch using Arduino. A capacitive touch sensor is used with the Arduino which increases or decreases the duty cycle depending on the code to increase or decrease the bulb’s intensity.

  • Battery Charger Circuit Using SCR

The SCR is a controlled diode which can be used for half-wave & full-wave rectification. This project uses this property of SCR to convert the AC into stable DC to charge a battery. You can modify it as a variable DC source.

In this project, we are going to automatically control a street light that is supposed to Switch on at night & switch off in the morning. The LDR (light dependent resistor) is used as a light sensor to switch the street light through a relay.

  • Laser Tripwire security alarm

The idea is to make an alarm that is triggered whenever someone crosses the laser beam. The laser beam is pointed directly at the LDR (Light-dependent resistor) whose resistance changes with the light intensity. As soon as the light beam is blocked by someone, the buzzer is activated & alarms the owner.

  • Piezo Based Visitor Sensing Welcome Mat

A piezoelectric sensor is a pressure sensor & in this project, it is used inside a welcome mat to detect any visitor at the door & also sound an alarm to notify the owner of the house. It works as a security device.

  • Intelligent 12 Volt Battery Charging System

This is a 12V DC battery charger that cuts off the power flow when the battery is fully charged. It measures the voltage of the battery connected & compared it with a pre-specified full voltage which is 12.9V in case of 12V battery. If the voltage of the battery is less than 12.9V the charger will charge the battery & trips when it reaches 12.9V.

  • Ultrasonic Object Detection System

It is a mini fun object that operates as a REDAR to detect any object in its range. A servo motor is used to rotate the Ultrasonic sensor that senses the objects & measure their distance from radar & display it on an LCD.

  • FM Remote Encoder/Decoder Circuit

The idea is to make an FM remote to communicate with the receiver circuit. The Transmitter is made of an FM encoder & a transmitter module while the receiver is made of an FM decoder & receiver module. It is used for sending commands between two circuits wirelessly.

  • PC Based Electrical Load Control

The idea is to use serial communication between a PC & microcontroller to switch the appliances using relays. It provides easy access to switch appliances from your PC terminal.

  • Thyristor Power Control by IR Remote

The aim of this project is to wirelessly control the duty cycle of any appliance by varying the firing angle of the TRIAC through a microcontroller. A TV remote is used for wireless control which increases or decreases the firing angle delay

  • Auto Electronic School Bell

This is a mini electronic school bell project that rings the bell when the period time is over. It uses timer IC with a decade counter to count time for the preset time of the period. when the period time runs out it the timer switches the bell through a relay that is powered from the AC mains.

  • Automated Street Lighting System using IoT

This is an IoT based project where the street light is switch on based on the intensity of sunlight. It automatically switches on the light at night & provides the visual data analysis by uploading the data through the Wi-Fi module.

50+ Electronics Engineering Project Ideas for Engineering Students

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