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How to determine the number of Nodes, Branches, Loops and Meshes in a Circuit?

Solving and analyzing electrical circuits and networks, you must know about Nodes, Branches, Loops and Meshes. So we are here with a simple tutorial ever to find all these terms in electric circuits.
A point or junction where two or more circuit’s elements (resistor, capacitor, inductor etc) meet is called Node
That part or section of circuit which locate between two junctions is called branch
In branch, one or more elements can be connected and they have two terminals.
A closed path in circuit where more than two meshes can be occurred is called loop i.e. there may be many meshes in a loop, but a mesh does not contain on one loop.
A closed loop which contains no other loop within it or a path which does not contain on other paths is called Mesh.
Let’s make it easier.
Now will find all these terms one by one with the following simple steps
Consider the following Simple Electric Circuit which contains on 7 components or elements
Click image to enlarge
 How to find Nodes, Branches, Loops and Meshes in a Circuit
1. Finding Nodes in Electric Circuits
After redrawing the above circuit, it becomes as below circuit, now you can easily find the total number of Nodes as shown in fig below
 Click image to enlarge
 Finding Nodes in Electric Circuits
2. Finding Branches in Electric Circuits
 Click image to enlarge
 Finding Branches in Electric Circuits
3. Finding Loops in Electric Circuits
 Click image to enlarge
 Finding Loops in Electric Circuits
4. Finding Meshes in Electric circuits
 Click image to enlarge
 Finding Meshes in Electric circuits

5. Over all circuit with 6 Nodes, 7 Branches, 3 Loops and 2 Meshes

 Click image to enlarge
 circuit with 6 Nodes, 7 Branches, 3 Loops and 2 Meshes

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  1. Nodes = Branches – 1 i.e.<br />N = B-1

  2. Or B = N + 1<br />Branches = Nodes + 1

  3. Abraham Joseph

    That the terms junction or point mean one and the same must be emphasized.

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