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10+ Online Circuit Design & Simulation Tools for Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Free Online Electrical & Electronics Circuit Design, Analyzing and Simulation Tools

Hi folks!

As you know, we have already shared an article about Android apps for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Students and Technician. We have also shared online electrical and electronics calculators and iOS Apps for electrical Engineers and students  for free to use on your smartphones.

Today, we will share an online circuit design, schematic and simulation tools list for Electrical and Electronics engineers and students. I hope you will like it because these tools don’t need to be downloaded and installed on your computer because they are web-based tools.

In addition, these all tools and apps are free to use and you can design, analyze and simulate any kind of circuit, module and project with multiple parameters.

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10+ Design & Simulation Tools for Electrical/Electronics Engineers Online


Below is the list of free online Electrical & Electronics circuit design and simulation tools.


For Electronic circuit design, circuit simulation and PCB design.
EasyEDA electronic circuit design, circuit simulation and PCB design

online simulation toolsonline simulation tool EasyEDA electronic circuit design, circuit simulation and PCB design

EasyEDA is an amazing free online circuit simulator which is very suitable for everyone who loves electronic circuits. EasyEDA team strives for bringing a complex design program on a web-based platform for more than 5 years, and now the tool has become wonderful to users. The software environment allows you to design schematic. Check operation by circuit simulator.

When you make sure the circuit function is good, you can create a printed circuit board with the same software. On the website you can find and use many projects and electronic circuits made by others because they are public and open hardware. There is a useful tutorial explaining the main features of the tool, which makes it easy to drive. It also has some pretty impressive import (and export) options. For instance, You can import files in Eagle , Kikad , LTspice and Altium Designer , and export files in .PNG, or .SVG.

DoCircuits (Currently Offline)

 Click images to enlarge

DOCircuit online electrical simulation tool
Light Detector circuit with DC restoration

DOCircuit. Online Electrical Circuiot simulation tool Online Tools for electrical and electronics engineers

DoCircuits is an interesting as well as learning circuit design and simulation tool.

I bet you will like its function, especially graphics, i.e. unlike other tools, when you connect a component (say a bulb) in the circuit, you will see a bulb icon instead of symbols. With the help of this tool, you can build, run simulation, and analyze both electrical and electronics engineering (Digital and analog) circuits very easily and export your file as PNG. It also provides DC analyses, Time and frequency domain analysis with accuracy output level.

It is also free and doesn’t need to be installed in your computer. So don’t wait. Just give a try to DoCircuit because it is a web-based, i.e. online circuit design, simulation and analyzing tool.

Update: The official website URL of DoCircuits is offline at the moment. You can download the older version from Google.


Click images to enlargeElectrical-Electronics-Engineering-design-simulation-tools-online-2-

Online electrical simulation tools
555 Timer as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Generator

Online electrical analyzing tools

CircuitLab is one of the easiest Electrical and Electronics Engineering circuit design and simulation tools I have ever used. In CircuitLab, you can analyze and simulate your designed circuit with different parameters such as DC simulation, DC Sweep, Time domain analysis and frequency domain simulations. Example of “555 Timer as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Generator” is shown in the 2nd (above) fig.

In addition, you can save/print your project as PNG, PDF, EPS and SVG, etc.  Moreover, it supports checking a device, component and circuit modal graphically with all important factors.

CircuitLab is online and free to use in the demo version in the browser (because it is web-based) without installation in your computer.

PartSim (Recentluy Shutdown)

Click images to enlarge

Online Electrical Engineering Simulation tools
Basic inverting operational amplifier circuit

Electrical Engineering Simulation tools free online Free Electrical Circuit design and simulation tools

PartSim is another great electrical and electronics circuits & network design and analyzing tool. It is web-based (i.e. it doesn’t need to install in system and you can use it online in your browser) full featured and free of cost even if you don’t need to create an account (while you can make one free to save your projects and models) to use it.

PartSim supports common analysis and simulation such as AC analysis, DC bias, DC sweep and transient response. It also displays a graphical waveform of electronics components and modules which you want to analyze in PartSim. In addition, you can save your designed or simulated circuit in PDF or PNG as well.


Click images to enlargeElectrical Engineering Design and Simulation tools

Electrical Projects simulation tools
USB Li-Ion Charger

Circuit simulation tools for Electrical Engineering Students

CircuitMaker is a very useful and interesting circuit design and simulator for newbie’s as well as professional electrical and electronics hobbyists, students and engineers.

CircuitMaker is not just a free EDA software tool from Altium, it’s also a community of creative people and design content, working together to invent circuits and electronics products for a better future.

In CircuitMaker, you can design a professional PCB while working on a breadboard and PCB. The interesting thing is that you will use graphical electrical and electronics components and devices while the app will guide you with built in professional layout tools. Once you have done, then you can also edit your module/circuit and then share with your friends for review.

It also provides Gerber (a file format, which provides detailed information on the PCB (Printed circuit board) conductive layers.

In addition, you have to make a free account at 123D Circuit official site while using this free online tool.


Click image to enlargeCircuit simulator for Electrical Engineers

Scheme-it (owned by digi-key now) is a very good designer and diagramming tool to design electrical and electronics diagrams, Power & Control diagrams, technical engineering schematics and symbols. It provides hundreds of electrical and integrated electronics symbols and components.

You can export your designed model in PNG and also share with your friends via e-mail and social media sites. Additionally, It is a free and online electrical and electronics engineering tool and it you don’t need to install it on your computer.

6. Removed: Was shutdown by the Owner.


Click images to enlarge

Electrical circuit schematic tools Electrical Circuit schematic free online tools

This is another powerful circuit schematic, design and simulator online tool for web and mobiles. It provides professional grade Spice, Sub circuit & device modules, digital and analog parts, DC analysis, AC analysis, Transient domain time and OP analysis.

The positive sign is that they provide an online circuits library where you can upload your designs to edit and share with others. You can also find new designs to download for your new projects. Both Spicy schematic and Spicy SWAN are fully free to use without restriction, but for unlimited use, storage modules and project files, you have to upgrade the tool in your account.


Online Circuit simulatorThis Electrical and Electronics engineering circuit design and simulation Tool is under construction. Once they are done, we will update you via this page. Stay tuned.

Update: This circuit is live now, but students have to pay $2.5 per month if you wanna use it.

It has visual and attractive graphics, but limited circuit simulation. It’s definitely a great program for teaching, very easy to use. it makes you see the components as they are made. It does not allow you to design the circuit, but only to make practice.


Click images to enlarge

Open Source Circuit simulator, analyzing, and circuit schematic tool

GnuCap is a general purpose, analyzing package. It is not based on Spice but it can perform Fourier analysis, transient analysis, AC and DC Circuit analysis. Users can also design different electrical and electronic circuits. Moreover, it is free and web-based, i.e. online simulation tool.


Click images to enlarge

Online PCB Design and circuit simulation tools Free Online PCB Designer

Upverter Schematic Capture editor is a comprehensive and very easy to use for designing electrical and electronic circuit diagrams and schematic. It allows multiple designers to work on schematics together in real time with customizable design and it is fully collaborative.

In Upverter, designers can create breadboard layout, capture design and schematics and also export Gerber (a file format, which provides detailed information on the PCB (Printed circuit board) conductive layers.

It doesn’t require any download or installation because it is an online tool, i.e. it runs in your browsers. But firstly, you have to make a free account on the Upverter official website.


555 timer circuit embedded in everycircuit simulator
555 timer circuit embedded in Everycircuit simulator

everycircuit online simulation tools

It is an electronic simulator online with well-made graphics. When you enter the online program, it will ask you to create a free account so that you can save your projects and have a limited portion of the area to draw your circuit. To use it without limitations demanding an annual fee of $ 10. It can be downloaded and used on platforms of Android and iTunes. The components have a limited ability to simulate with spice minimum parameters. Very easy to use, it has a great system of electronic design. It allows you to include (embed) simulation into your web page.

Lots of free circuits and projects are available to edit in the editor with animation as well. BUT, you have to run this simulator in the Chrome browser.


Tinacloud online simulation toolThis simulation program has sophisticated capabilities. It allows you to simulate, in addition to the normal mixed-signal circuits, microprocessors also, VHDL, SMPS power supplies and radio frequency circuits. The calculations for electronic simulation are performed directly on the company server and allow an excellent simulation speed.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing this post with your friends. If you realize there is something we missed, or if you want to add another online simulation tool in this list, leave a comment in the comment box below and we will add it in this post. Once again Thanks

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    how to use?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Circuit maker (Student version) is also another free software that proves to be useful

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  4. I appreciate your sharing very much.It’s very useful for us.
    And I think It would be good to see added to this list.
    It offers schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB design – including Gerber download – for free.
    EasyEDA also offers low cost PCB manufacture and assembly.

    There are several free EDA tools around and some excellent tools such as KiCad and gEDA but the reason I thought people might be interested in EasyEDA, is because it has a few twists to it.

      i) it’s web based so, with nothing except a bit of javascript to install, it can be used by Linux, Mac and Windows users and – if they have a big enough screen – Android and iOS users too;

      ii) work can be shared and – with a bit of agreement on who saves what, when via a 3rd party instant messaging service – it supports collaboration;

      iii) it has some pretty impressive import and export options such as importing Altium, Eagle and LTspice files and exporting spice netlists and svg, png and pdf files for documentation. It also uses open standard JSON format files internally so it’s easy to do some quite whizzy things just using a text editor;

      iv) all use of the tool is free even to the point where the user can download PCB Gerbers and send them off to any PCB supplier;

      v) it also offers a low cost PCB service: PCBs can be ordered directly from within the tool (this seems to be the way the money is made to keep the whole thing afloat);

      vi) it can even be used without registering with files being saved in an Anonymous mode that works a bit like pastebin where files can be retrieved and shared just by their urls.

      There are lots of examples on the site and a useful tutorial.'s easy to drive .

    Just try it at:


  5. Here is a science experiment that simulates how white light turns a white medium into blue.

  6. Satvik Ramaprasad says:

    You can checkout CircuitVerse – Digital Circuit Simulator which is extremely easy to use but still powerful. It has full support for multibit wires and subcircuits. My college uses this in our courses.

  7. cris butler says:

    I’m looking for a free motor controls simulator for my interns at work. Since my company isn’t going to buy anything I would like to get these guys some type of hands on before actual.

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