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12+ Top iOS Apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineers & Students

12+ Top and Highly Recommended iOS Apps for Electrical Engineers / Students

Introduction to iOS Apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineers & Students:

The fact can not be denied that smartphones (and obviously their apps) make our life so easy. Now, how can we Electrical engineers & students live without useful electrical and electronics apps which is specially designed for us which really makes our field so ideal.

With the increase in the adoption of mobile devices, many Electrical Engineers are now also using their smartphones for work, especially with the rise in the number of apps for their profession. This article will show you a list of the best iOS apps for Electrical and electronics engineers, students, contractors, electricians, and hobbyists  like us.12+ Top iOS Apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Today’s smartphones, such as the iPhone 6 and iPad, are made to assist on-the-go employees, especially those assigned to field work. O2 featured the handset and its 64-bit processor that allows you to run web apps seamlessly and M8 motion coprocessor for tracking field workers’ health in real-time, making the phone ideal for electrical engineers. Apart from similar built-in features to smartphones, there are also productivity iOS apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineers. View our list below:

1. Digi-Key

One of the largest electronic shops in the world have now launched their own mobile app to track inventory of in-stock electronics. The Digi-Key app allows users to search their inventories for products as well as place orders online, view product specifications and datasheets of items, build a list of parts using their built-in shopping carts, and maximize their bar code technology for verifying shipments.Digi-Key iOS iPad App for electrical engineers

2. iCircuit

Designing and experimenting with circuits via mobile is made easier with the help of the iCircuit app. With the help of its advanced simulation engine, the iPhone and iPad app can handle analog and digital circuits with real-time analysis of circuits. It is similar to using a CAD program. The iCircuit comes with more than 30 elements, including resistors, digital gates, and MOSFETS.iCircuit iOS Electrical Electronics App
You can download the app here:
Download iCircuit

3. Electrical Formulator

Developed by Multieducator Inc, this application solves any electrical problem with the help of its conversion and calculation formulas. Results can be saved on your device, sent via email, or printed after the job has been complete. The recent update includes hundreds of charts and access to Electrical Code of many states. The list of calculations includes batteries, costs, BTU conversion, wiring, voltage drop, Ohm’s law, and generator information.Electrical Formulator

4. Electronic Toolbox Pro

Electronic Toolbox Pro is one of the most comprehensive reference and calculation apps for EEs. The all-inclusive list of data and information within this app makes it a perfect tool for beginners and experts alike. It comes with 77 individual tools from ASCII table to Zener Diode calculation. The app also comes with a conversion tool, parametric search for components, and support for iCloud and Dropbox. References can be accessed even without internet access.Electronic Toolbox ProDownload Electronic Toolbox Pro

5. FE Exam Electrical Engineering Practice Test

Especially made for EE students who are about to take their Fundamental of Engineering (FE) exam, this application can also assist those professionals and experts who want to improve their knowledge. The exam app is computer-based with 110 multiple-choice questions. The FE Exam EE Practice Test simulates the real format, style, and level of difficulty of a real FE test. It covers nine topics ranging from electrical circuits to computer systems.FE Exam Electrical Engineering Practice Test

6. Clinometer + bubble level + slope finder (3 in 1)

Based on AppCrawlr’s comments, “Electrical Engineers love it.”

This application by Peter Breitling offers a three-in-one assistance for EEs who are in need of Clinometer (a slope measurement), bubble level, and slopes locator. It also comes with speech synthesis that confirms the current reading which allows the user to work hands-free. The background dial also rotates smoothly from O to 90 degrees.Clinometer + bubble level + slope finder (3 in 1)

7. SPL Meter

A professional-grade sound level meter, the SPL Meter app provides users with accurate and quick measurements of sounds in decibels (dB). Designed after the traditional SPL analog meter, the developer reproduced all the characteristics and qualities of the original meter with decay rates, filters, and ballistics. The upgrade comes with iTestMic that calibrates sounds accurately using the Type 1 standard performance.SPL Meter for electrical iOS

8. Pocket Slide Rule

Pocket Slide Rule comes with the classic style of a slide rule with great precision and ways on how to use the DO calculations with its auto-slide-rule mode. It comes with 17 additional functions including Logarithms, Squares, Cubes, and Trigonometric. The app comes with a “brakes” button that allows you to move the cursor and slider with precision.Pocket Slide Rule iOS iPad electrical app

9. SignalSuite

Developed by Faber Acoustical, LLC, the SignalSuite comes with three advanced signal generators that produce different periodic signals, frequency sweeps, and broadband noise. It also generates common periodic signals, such as triangle waves, sinusoids, and sawtooth waves. The application also comes with Pan controls for balance that allows various signals to be sent to the left and right output channels of the stereo jack.SignalSuite iOS electrical app

10. Electrical ToolKit

Electrical ToolKit is a basic iOS app for electrical engineering students. It has lots of Electrical & Electronics Calculators such as, basic Ohm’s Law, Power Factor Calculator, Polar and rectangular values, Power triangle, RLC (Series/parallel), Resistor color codes etc. You have to just put the input values and click to calculate, the desired result will be shown then.Electrical ToolKit iOS app

There are other apps out there that are made specifically for Electrical Engineers like you. In fact, we have also featured some of the top Android apps for Electrical and electronics engineers, professionals and students. Click here to view our previous post about Android Apps for Electrical Engineers and Students.

11. Electrical Calculations

This app has also contains on lots of important Electrical calculators such as Cable size calculator, Active & Reactive power. All calculators are up to date and easy to use. it is most recommended iOS app for Electrician.Electrical Calculations iOS app

12. 600 Formulas Free

it is an awesome app about 600 technical formulas about AC & DC Circuits, Basic Electrical Laws, Distance, Mass and all important formulas related to the foundation of Electrical Engineering.600 Formulas Free iOS electrical app

13. Basics of Electrical Engineering

A very important Electrical iOS app for Electrical Engineers and Students. it has lots of features like electrical tutorials, Electrical Quiz, basic electrical fundamentals, Kirchhoff Current & Voltage laws (KCL & KVL), Electrical machines (Generators, Motors & Transformers), Electricity & Magnetism, DC Network Theorems (Such as Norton’s Theorem, Thevenin’s Theorem) etc.Basics of Electrical Engineering iOS App

Now it is your turns… Just download these iOS apps for electrical engineering students and don’t forget to share your reviews and feedback in the below comment box.

Have I missed something in the above list, or if you believe that your Electrical or Electronics Engineering iOS app would help the electrical and electronics engineering students in their assignment or practical field, You are most welcome to put your iOS app in this list then. Simply, shot an email with direct ULR of your app, we will review it and add to the above list of iOS Apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineering students. Thanks

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