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Generator and Alternator Symbols

Alternator and Generator Symbols

At the end of this post, a list is given showing all the related alternators and generator symbols in single image.

Generic Symbol of Generator

Generic generator symbol Symbol

This symbol represents a simple generator. A generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Low Frequency AC Generator

Low Frequency AC Generator Symbol

Such type of generator generates an alternating current with frequency in very low range as low as 8 Hz to 40 Hz. They are mostly used in traction power system with frequency of 16.7 Hz. Low frequency generators are beneficial for power transmission over long range.

Medium Frequency AC Generator

Medium Frequency AC Generator Symbol

The alternating current generated by this generator falls in the medium domestic range of 50 to 60 Hz.

High Frequency AC Generator

High Frequency AC Generator Symbol

These generators generate the AC with frequency ranging above 100 Hz. As the loss in power transmission increase with frequency, they are used in a confined building. They 400Hz power systems are used in military equipment, spacecraft, aircraft and server rooms.

Ideal Current Generator

Ideal Current Generator Symbol

This symbol represents an ideal current generator. The current generated by an ideal current generator is constant while the voltage may vary.

Ideal Voltage Generator

Ideal Voltage generator Symbol

An ideal voltage generator provides a constant voltage while the current produced by it may vary depending on the load connected. The symbol represents ideal voltage generator.

Voltage Generator

Voltage Generator Symbol

It is a symbol used for a voltage generator.  A voltage generator generates & maintains the voltage across it terminals. Its voltage is independent of any other elements in the circuit & it does not vary with the current drawn from it.

Controlled Voltage Generator

Controlled Voltage Generator Symbol

It is a dependent voltage generator whose terminal voltage depends on other elements of the circuit or on the current drawn from its terminals.

Electrical Machine

Electrical Machine Symbol

This type of symbol is used for such machines that can be used as both motor & generator. The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy & the generator does the vice versa.

Photovoltaic / Solar Cell

Photovoltaic Solar Cell Symbol

A photovoltaic cell or solar cell converts the light energy into electrical energy. It is the building block of solar panel where these solar cells are connected in series and parallel together to increase it total voltage & current.

Short Shunt Compound DC Generator

Short shunt compound DC Generator Symbol

The shunt field winding is connected in parallel with the armature and the series field winding is connected in series with the load. The shunt field winding has high resistance so that the current flow towards the load.

Dynamo with Built-in Brakes

Dynamo with built-in brakes Symbol

Dynamo is an electrical machine that generates direct current using commutation. The Dynamo consists of rotor & stator made of coils. The rotor rotates inside the constant magnetic field generated by the stator coil & produces EMF. It has a built-in brakes system to stop its rotation when you want to shut it off.


Alternator Symbol

An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy into alternating current. In alternator, a rotating magnetic field of the rotor generates varying current in the stator (armature) winding.

Non Rotary AC Generator

Non Rotating AC Generator Symbol

This symbol represents a non-rotary AC Generator / Alternator. The square symbol represent the stationary feature of the generator.

Dynamo / DC Generator

Dynamo DC Generator Symbol

This symbol represents a DC generator or also known as Dynamo. It converts mechanical energy into direct current using commutator.

Homopolar / DC Generator

Homopolar - DC Generator Symbol

A homopolar generator works by rotating a conductive disc inside a magnetic field that creates a DC current between the center and rim of the disc. It generates low voltage but high current.

Magnetohydrodynamic / MHD Generator

Magnetohydrodynamic - MHD Generator Symbol

It is a DC generator that converts thermal & kinetic energy into DC electrical energy. It has no moving parts. The hot ionized plasma (which is a conductor) moves inside the magnetic field that generates a DC potential difference along the opposite electrodes. Furthermore the exhaust gases can also be used for steam power plants.

Pulse Generator

Pulse Generator Symbol

A pulse generator is an electronic circuit that generates rectangular pulses. It has variable frequency, amplitude & duty cycle to meet the requirement of its applications. It is very common test equipment used for testing any digital circuit most commonly as a clock signal.

Waveform Generator

Waveform Generator Symbol

A waveform generator is also an electronic circuit that generates different shapes of wave. The most common waveforms are square wave, triangular wave, ramp, saw-tooth wave etc. it provides a variable frequency with variable duty cycle. The waveforms generated are used in triggering or stimulating any circuit or signal processing.

Magneto Hand Generator

Magneto Hand Generator Symbol

Magneto is an electrical generator that generates alternating current by rotating a coil inside a permanent magnet. Unlike dynamo, it does not have commentators, so its output is AC & its rotor is rotated using a hand crank.

Controlled Current Generator

Controlled current generator Symbol

This symbol represents a controlled current generator, also known as dependent current generator. It is a current generator or source whose value depends on other circuit elements.

Photovoltaic Generator

Photovoltaic generator Symbol

This is the symbol for a solar powered generator that converts the solar energy into electrical energy. It consists of a solar panel, charge controller & a battery. The usable solar power is converted into electrical energy DC & AC using inverters for consumption purposes.

Tachometer Generator

Tachometer generator Symbol

This symbol represents a tachometer generator. It generates voltage depending on the speed of its shaft. Thus it is used for measuring the speed of motors.

3 Phase Synchronous Generator with Permanent Magnet

3 Phase Synchronous Generator with Permanent Magnet Symbol

A synchronous generator output frequency depends on the speed of the rotor. This is a 3 phase synchronous generator using a permanent magnet. The rotor rotates insides the constant magnetic field produced by the permanent magnet instead of a coil, it induces emf inside the rotor windings.

3 Phase Synchronous Generator with Wye / Star Connection

3 Phase Synchronous Generator with Wye-Star Connection Symbol

This symbol represents a wye or star connected synchronous generator. Wye connected 3 phase alternators require less number of turns than delta connected. Also the neutral point is used as path for zero sequence current during fault (unbalanced conditions) if it is grounded.

3 Phase Converter

3 Phase Converter Symbol

This symbol represents a 3 phase converter. It can convert single phase AC electrical input into 3 phase electrical output & vice versa. They are mainly used for operating three phase electrical equipment using a single phase AC supply by converting it into three phase AC supply.

Three Phase Synchronous Generator with Access to Each Winding

Three phase synchronous generator with access to each winding Symbol

It is the symbol of a 3 phase AC synchronous generator whose each winding is accessible. The terminals form each winding is brought out for connection.

Following is the list of all alternator and generator symbols.

Generator and Alternator Symbols

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