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Electronic Filters Symbols – Electrical & Electronic Symbols

Electronic Filters Symbols

Generic Frequency Filter

Generic frequency filter Symbol

This is a generic symbol representing a frequency filter. A frequency filter is an electronic circuit that rejects or attenuates specific frequencies & allows other frequencies.  This symbol only represents a frequency filter in general but not a specific type.

High Pass Filter

High Pass filter Symbol

This type of filter only allow high frequency signal and blocks or attenuates low frequency signals is known High Pass filter.

The symbol represents two waves (signals) i.e. lower and upper signal which is analogous to low & high frequency respectively.  The lower dashed signal represents low frequency being blocked.

Low Pass Filter

Low Pass Filter Symbol

The low pass filter blocks or attenuates any high frequency signal & allows low frequency signal is called low pass filter. The symbol represents high frequency being blocked.


Band Pass Filter

Band Pass Filter Symbol

A band pass filter block both low and High frequency but allow the frequency in between the low & high Frequency . The allowable range of frequency form a band that is why it is called a band pass filter. The symbol shows both upper & lower signal dashed (blocked) while the signal in between goes through.

Band Reject Filter

Band Reject Filter Symbol

Band reject or band stop filter is also known as notch filter. This filter as suggested by its name blocks or rejects a specific  band of frequencies. The frequencies above or below that specific band passes through without any attenuation.

Variable Short Band Filter

Variable short band filter Symbol

This is a type of band reject filter that has a variable range of frequencies. The rejected band of frequency can be changed using a specific function, usually a knob for changing the values of the components inside the circuit.

Band Pass Filter with Variable Center Frequency

Band pass filter with variable center frequency Symbol

It is a type of band pass filter with a variable center frequency. Center frequency is the center point between the low corner frequency & high corner frequency. Changing the center frequency changes the band of the filter.

Band Pass Filter with Variable Selectivity Control

Band pass filter with variable selectivity control Symbol

Such type of band pass filter has a variable selectivity option which enables the filter to change allowable band of frequency by changing the corner frequencies.

Below is a list of electronic filters symbols which are explained above.

Filters Symbols
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