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Magnetic Levitation Simple Electrical Project

Simple Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Electrical Project

Levitation by means of opposing magnets. Magnet or Magnetic levitation is a system of two sets of magnets used for maglev train transportation. The first magnet pushes or repels the train up of the train track while the second magnet moves the elevated train ahead in a smooth way as there is no friction involved in the system.

Magnet Levitation Simple Electrical Project

Project Experiment and Explanation to replicate:

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Materials Needed:

  • Needed: 6 speakers alike (same size round shaped speaker magnets)
  • A cylindrical piece of wood
  • Stainless Steel Ball (like in Bearings)
  • Wood or plastic base
  • Mirror or glass.
  • Glue


  • The six magnets are removed from the old speakers (I found in the trash bin)
  • Two of them are left intact to set up (as shown in the video below) later in the compartment housing of wooden tube.
  • The other two speaker magnets have been cut in half to obtain two semi circle shapes (you may use full magnets) and pasted on the wooden or plastic base with the help of glue.
  • Attach a stainless steel ball (from trash bearings) at one end of the wooden cylinder by using glue.
  • Attach a molded glass or mirror to the one side of the wooden base at 90° (rectangular shape is recommended)
  • The magnets must be placed on the base in the opposite direction to the magnets on cylinder wood sticks i.e. “they should repel each other.”
  • Finally, just set the position and rotate the wood stick. It will start rotation until you stop it (according to Newton’s laws, it will remain in rotation until an applied force stops it like air friction (theoretically, it will rotate forever in space).

Magnetic Levitation Simple Project Video:

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