Electrical Project

Magnet levitation simple Electrical Project

Magnet levitation simple Electrical Project

Levitation by means of opposing magnets.

Project Experiment.

Explanation to replicate:

Material requirement

1 Needed: 6 speakers alike,
2 a cylindrical piece of wood,
3 wood based or plastic,
4 mirror or glass.
5 glue,
1 The magnets are removed from the speakers,
2  two of them are left intact and for include it later in the compartment housing wooden tube.
3 The other two speakers are broken in half to obtain two semi circles and go to paste on the base.
4 At the wooden cylinder at one end tapering to form the tip of the nose and you go to paste a ball of steel.
5  The mirror or glass molded in the shape that you want, it go to paste at the end of the base and remain at 90° on the base.
6 The magnets must be placed on the base in the opposite direction, “to repel each other.”
7  At this point you just have to start the replication…..

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