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Simplest DC Motor Ever.

Simplest DC Motor Ever.

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A motor is a device which converts an electrical energy into the mechanical energy. The energy 
conversion process is exactly opposite to that involved in a D.C. generator. In a generator the input 
mechanical energy is supplied by a prim mover while in a D.C. motor, input electrical energy is 
supplied by a D.C. supply. The construction of a D.C. machine is same whether it is a motor or 
a generator.
D.C Motor
A machine that converts D.C. power into mechanical power is known as a D.C. motor.

D.C. Motor principle

D.C. motor operation is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in

 a magnetic field, the conductor experiences a mechanical force. The direction of this force is given

 by Fleming’s left hand rule and magnitude is given by:

                                                             F = BIl


B is the flux density in teslas (Wb/m2)

I is the current flowing through conductor in amperes

L is the length of conductor in meters.

its enough man..Don’t go crazy …..Now lets begin our simplest project..

  • Battery 12 volts, or Adapter (220 AC to 12 DC)
  • 2 magnets
  • Thin insulated wire
  • 2 Metal Conductor hook or safety pins (Same size)


  • First of all bend the metal wire (As seen in figures 13 and 14) and put it in a wood or plastic block.
  • Take one or two magnates and fix on wooden or plastic block.
  • Take the insulated wire and round up on a cylindrical pipe.
  • Then remove the insulation from the insulated wire ends. (Both ends)The coil isn’t wound tightly enough.
  • The coil should be very tight and neat.
  • Take the coil (in other words, Armature) and hang on with the help of conductor above the magnets (point to be noted: Magnets produce magnetic field.). As seen in figures 13 and 14. Connect the Conductors With battery.
  • The Motor armature will be run with high speed.
  • Hold one more magnet on the top of the coil. Try changing the pole of magnet, the speed will be high.


By: Wasim Khan

Step by Step Procedure video…Coming Soon..

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