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Simplest DC Motor Ever – Battery Cell Motor

Simplest DC Motor Ever – Electrical Toy Project for Kids and Beginners

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An electric motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The process of energy conversion is exactly opposite to that involved in a DC generator. In a generator the input mechanical energy is supplied by a prime mover while in a D.C. motor, input electrical energy is supplied by a D.C. supply. The construction of a DC machine is the same whether it is a motor or a generator.

DC Motor

A machine that converts DC power into mechanical power is known as a DC motor.

Working Principle of a DC Motor

The operation of a DC motor is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the conductor experiences a mechanical force. The magnitude and direction of this produced force is given by Fleming’s left hand rule as follows:

F = BIl


  • F is the produced mechanical force
  • B is the Maximum flux density Tesla (wb/m2)
  • I is Flowing Electric current in amperes in the conductor wires.
  • l is The length of the conductor in meters

it’s enough as basic, now let’s begin our simplest DC motor project based on a battery cell.


  • 1.5 to 12V battery cell or adapter (120V – 220V AC to 12V-9V DC)
  • 1 Ring shaped speaker magnet
  • Thin enamel insulated wire
  • 2 Numbers of eye hooks or safety pins (same size)


  • First of all, fix the eye hooks or safety pins in the wooden or plastic block.
  • Place the ring shaped magnet in the middle of the box (between two hooks).
  • Wire tightly the enamel insulated wire around the cylindrical pipe
  • Remove the insulation from both ends of the insulated wire which will fix and make a contact with the hooks.
  • Take the coil (in other words, Armature) and hang on with the help of eye hooks above the magnets as shown in fig.
  • Connect the eye hooks with the battery and push the armature to rotate. The Motor armature will start to run at a normal speed.
  • Hold one more magnet on the top of the coil or placed above the first one. Try changing the pole of the magnet, the rotating speed of the motor will be high (it will heat up the coil).

Simplest DC Motor Ever. Simplest DC Motor Ever. Simplest DC Motor Ever.


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