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Simple DC Motor (Electrical Project)

Simple DC Motor – Electrical Project for Beginners

This project is based on the working principle of a DC motor i.e. when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a produced mechanical force experiences on that conductor where the direction and magnitude of the force can be found by using the Fleming’s left hand rule as follows.

F = BIl


  • F = The produced mechanical force
  • B = Max flux density in wb/m2 (or Tesla)
  • I = Electric current in amperes (flowing in the conductor)
  • l = The length of the conductor in meters.

Now let’s move to make the simple project of a DC motor which is also suitable in the presence of experienced people for teenage and kids hobbyists related to electrical and electronic engineering.


  1. (Ah) 6V, 5Ah battery
  2. 1 speaker magnet (Ring shape)
  3. Thin insulated wire (enamel)
  4. 2 No of eye hooks (same size)

Simple DC Motor (Electrical Project)


  • First of all, fix the two number of eye hooks on a wood or plastic block.
  • Take one or Two magnates  and fix them in the middle (as shown in the video) on wooden or plastic blocks.
  • Round up tightly the thin enamel insulated wire on a cylindrical pipe/core. Remove the insulation from both ends of wire which hooks up in the eye hooks.
  • Take the coil (in other words, Armature) and hang on with the help of a conductor (by fixing the coil terminals in the eye hooks) above the magnets.
  • Connect the eye hooks with battery.
  • The motor armature will start to run at high speed. If you place another magnet, the speed will get higher which leads to heat up the armature.

Simple DC Motor Project


Let us know in the comment box below if you have any issues.

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  1. If you have a question that why the motor armature is rotate and what is magmatic field and how magnet produce the magmatic field and what is the effect of magmatic field on current carrying conductor on armature – I want to know all about this thanks sir

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